What Apple Has In Store With Apple Watches?

Apple has stepped into a brand new product line with its first ever smartwatch. During the iPhone 6 launch event, it has announced  about the specs and a plethora of features of the Apple Watches, which will be released in the market in early 2015.

The Apple team has offered a great demo to the audiences and stated that its price will start from $349. This tiny wearable will be an absolute value for money, as it will come in two different sizes with ultimate customizable features and eleven distinct faces. It will offer myriads of features that will deliver an amazingly brilliant user experience.

apple watch sport

With any further ado let’s look at the ins and outs of the Apple Watches.

Unleashing the hardware details of the smartwatch:

  • It will be available in basically three versions along with a huge variety of straps for each model –
    • Apple Watch: this version will come finished in space black or polished stainless steel.
    • Apple Watch Sport: this version will come finished in space gray or silver anodized aluminum.
    • Apple Watch Edition: this version will come finished in 18-karat yellow or rose gold.
  • As said earlier, the Apple watch will come in two different sizes – 38mm and 42mm.
  • It will be equipped with a proficient GPS system and MagSafe wireless charging.
  • For added versatility, it features inbuilt heart rate sensors and accelerometer.
  • High end Retina touchscreen display will come complete with Force Touch and sapphire glass cover.
  • Offers connection via –
    • 11 b/g Wi-Fi
    • 0 Bluetooth
  • The home button of the Apple Watch will boast a special digital crown.
  • It will run efficiently with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 iterations and support Siri and Apple Pay.

 apple watch

List of noteworthy features of Apple Watch:

  • Revamping the communication method, the Apple watch features interesting features like –
    • Animated Emoji: This will add a fun element in text conversations, this will allow users to customize the little graphical images in a desirable fashion and enhance their text with advanced features.
    • Digital Touch: The integrated Taptic Engine will allow you to send “taps” (that might be similar to little vibrations) to your friends.
    • Analyzes Texts: By examining the incoming texts, the watch will instantly suggest you some appropriate ready-to-use replies that can be directly sent from the watch itself.
    • Walkie Talkie: You can share quick voice messages with the other user by using the mic of the Watch.
  • Will support applications: The iOS developers will be able to reap the benefits of the utile features of this new gadget by developing application for the Watch. Apple offers developers the WatchKit, which is basically a development tool that will facilitate them to create interactive and enticing applications.
  • The Apple Watch will be a great gift to the fitness freaks. It is a brilliant fitness tool that has been designed to offer astonishing fitness tracking features to the users. It can connect to the health applications of Apple and fetch information regarding individual’s body.
    • Heart Rate Measure: The watch features a custom heart rate sensor on the back, which helps measure the heart beat at any time. And, interestingly, you can send a heartbeat to your friend by using its Taptic Engine.
    • Keep yourself encouraged by setting workout targets: The built-in app of the device Workout and Activity will help you set a goal and the Workout app will represent the data collectively including the workout time, calories burned and your speed. The Activity app will maintain a stack of your daily fitness data. With each achievement, you will gain a badge and these badges will keep you motivated and boost your enthusiasm for keeping yourself fit.
    • Accelerometer: To measure the complete body activity, it counts the step moved by the user and calculates the calories burned by performing an activity.
  • Featuring a sensitive auto display, you can reject a call by simply covering the display with hand and raise your wrist for turning on the display. It thus, augment easy accessibility.

These are just a few of the hundreds of features that the Apple Watch wearable will offer its millions of fans across the globe. We are eagerly waiting for its release. Are you?

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