Tips For Managing Online Review Alerts And Notifications

Learning when a comment or review is posted to your online review site is easy. Most online review sites will allow you to opt to receive email notifications every time a comment or review is posted, and you can opt to receive these notifications every day, every week or in real time.

But while these notifications are sent directly to you, it’s still your responsibility to organize and manage all the alerts to better help your strategy. If you’re unorganized, all of these alerts and notifications will simply clog your inbox, and you’ll never be able to find what you’re looking for. In order to better manage your online review alerts and notifications, be sure to use the following tips.


Opt for a review tracking tool

Receiving notifications directly to your email is nice, but when your company is using multiple review sites, receiving all of these notifications can be difficult to manage. This is why it’s a good idea to use a reliable review monitoring tool. With these tools, you will still be able to receive email alerts, but you will only receive one email for all your alerts. So instead of having an email from Yelp, an email from Citysearch and an email from Angie’s List, you’ll have one email from Review Trackers that contains all of these reviews. This helps to unclog your inbox and keeps you from overlooking a notification.

Keep a log

There will be review notifications you need to address right away, and there will be those that don’t require a response, but every review you receive is important to your business. Make sure you keep a log of all the reviews your company receives. This can be done in an Excel document or whatever file you choose. Keeping a record of the date and the review or comment can help you use your reviews to your advantage. You can determine what consistencies customers are claiming as being good or bad for your business. You can also use them to try and determine if any reviews are fake or if a certain promotion generated an influx of reviews.

Create a dedicated folder

Even though you’re keeping a log of your notifications, it’s still important that you keep all the emails that were sent. Create a folder in your email that is dedicated to housing all of these notifications. This way, they are out of your inbox, but they’re still saved to your email platform. If you ever need to retrieve one in the future, you know where they are located.

Have a plan

There are multiple ways that you can go about managing your review notifications. You can always manage and organize the notifications the minute they come through your inbox. You can stop what you’re currently doing, review the alert, log the alert and place the email in the respective folder, and then get back to the other task you were working on. Or you can designate a day (or certain time of every day) to go through your alerts, record them and file and organize them appropriately. It’s up to you to determine which process will work best, but having a process can help managing alerts run smoother.

Author Jessica Robbin is a marketing professional and avid writer who can be found blogging about managing negative press and great ways to create and monitor customer feedback.