5 Best and Handy PDF Plugins for WordPress


WordPress has come a long way from being just a simple blogging system to a full-fledged Content Management System. It enables you to create almost any type of website and help you customize its appearance as well as functionality with the pre-built themes and plugins.

Speaking of plugins, WordPress has tons of useful and pro-found plugins that can be used to extend the functionality of your website. And adding a PDF Viewer functionality is no exception.

PDF is a standard file format that allows users to view your website content in an extremely professional and clean interface.

A majority of websites offer PDF Ebooks to make the document look professional. If you are also planning to do something like that on your website, you’ve got to check the following list of best PDF Plugins for WordPress.

  1. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF is an extremely useful PDF WordPress plugin that allows your blog visitors to build PDF of posts on your website. It basically depends on the TCPDF class to create PDF, making this plugin an entirely self-contained PDF generating a plugin.

Impressive features of WP Advanced PDF

  • Enables you to set custom fonts for PDF
  • Lets you Set Stretching and Spacing for PDF
  • Allows you to set your own custom footer and custom bullet style.
  • Add watermark text and images to look PDF wonderful.
  • Lets you customize fonts of header, content, and footer
  • Allows you to easily change pages, alignment and margins for your pdf.
  1. PDF Image Generator

PDF Image Generator is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to create a cover image for PDF Files with the help of ImageMagick for your WordPress posts for download. It can generate the image either using the featured image or the first page in the PDF.

Impressive features of PDF Image Generator

  • Uses ImageMagick to generate cover image of PDF
  • Lets you register Generated Image as Featured Image of PDF
  • Also allows you to hide generated Image file itself in Media Library.
  • Display Generated Image as an icon instead of Mime-type Icon in Admin Page.
  • Enables you to control maximum size of Generated Image
  • Enables you to set PDF as Featured Image
  1. Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print Friendly and PDF Button is yet another useful and effective PDF WordPress plugin that creates printer friendly and PDF version of your pages while saving paper and ink. It’s easy, quick and looks amazing when printed. Add the PDF Button to allow your users to start printing PDFs. It even allows your users to remove paragraphs of text, and images to let them print only what they need.

Impressive features of Print Friendly and PDF Button

  • Is Fully Customizable
  • Lets you choose your favorite PDF and print button
  • Provides accurate placement with easy to change pages, alignment, and margins for your PDF and Print button.
  • Provides professional looking print and PDFs with branded headers.
  1. Responsive FlipBook

Responsive FlipBook, as the name suggests, allows you to publish responsive PDF documents on your site. With the help of Responsive FlipBook, you can easily and quickly embed your PDF Publications on your web pages.

Impressive features of Responsive FlipBook

  • Offers Direct PDF Rendering
  • Works with unlimited number of pages
  • Has Flipbook effect
  • Is equipped with plenty of Navigation Controls
  • Has an option of Multi-Zoom
  • Supports Retina display
  • Shortcode support for shelf and inserting publications in blogs
  1. Doc Plus – WooCommerce Doc Viewer WordPress Plugin

Doc Plus is a unique, powerful and amazing WordPress plugin that lets you embed an MS Word file, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF file with your WooCommerce product. It enables you to easily integrated all these files and a lot more. It even offers inline viewing of various different file formats including TIFF, PPT, DOC, PDF, AI, PSD and more.

Impressive features of Doc Plus

  • Supports different File Formats
  • Is Translation Ready and User-Friendly
  • Offers Flexible Download Options
  • Has Google Docs Support
  • Has fully Responsive layout

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