Unleashing The Design of Android 5.0 Lollipop

In this pre-artificial intelligence age, you can observe either a Smartphone, tablet, iPad or any other smart device in the hands of most of the people. The applications are the cornerstone of every smart device, and they have become a quite essential part of our day-to-day activities. Whether we want to search a route while driving, want to keep a check on our health and fitness or stay updated with the latest news, the incredible features of this latest mobile devices have augmented our dependencies over them.

No matter, which kind of device (from a small-screen wearable to large-screen tablet) we are using, all of them are basically designed with the same objective, that is to meet the rising needs of mobile users. However, if we consider the way these devices interact with their potential audiences, you can observe a significant difference in their designs.


Now, since the source code of the latest platform, Android 5.0 “Lollipop” is available and the custom app development services is expected to be rolled out in coming few days, it would be worth considering its key design features. This biggest release will be a way different from the earlier Android releases, especially if its UI design is considered.

Without any further ado let’s ponder into the fabulous design features of the platform and its compatible applications.

Material Design of the system:

The Android 5.0 is embedded with material design approach that makes stand ahead of its competitors. The material design combines three different design elements to create fabulous design effect that will surely improve the look and feel of the complete platform.

  • Tactile surface for amazing touch – Since, touch is the paramount element of material design, it helps deliver remarkable feel of the device in user’s hand.
  • Captivating graphical design with bold typography – The Lollipop designers have incorporated ravishing graphical design by beautifully blending vivid colors and bold typography to ensure amazing UX (user experience) while dragging user’s attention over content. This helps attain greater user engagement by making content easily readable.
  • Purpose Fluid Motion for efficiently blending the material and graphic design – The integrated fluid motion ensures smooth access to the Android 5.0. Users will admire the agility and fluid transition in the system. It helps maintain the system workflow and deliver outstanding performance.google android lollipop 5.0

Enjoy the admirable material design in the upcoming Android 5.0 apps as well:

Yes, the material design approach is not only restricted to the platform only, but developers have been making strives for extending this design feature into their framework. This is quite essential if an application wants to reap the complete benefits of the brilliant design features offered by the platform.

Many of the popular applications will be coming up with an updated version to reach Android 5.0 users while boasting a unique image and delivering a worthy UX.

The above mention latest designing approaches simply reflect how serious Google about designing.

What is more at Google?:

Google is taking the designing aspects a step ahead. It understands the significance of an intuitive and high end design, and therefore, taking efforts in further improving designs to develop some modern design language. Earlier this year, it unveiled the material design approach (earlier this year) that can be experienced in their upcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Now, it has taken a step forward to meet its objective, by conducting a design conversation with the designers from the industry. It has named the conversation as FORM, which is the conversation about design and technology, held in San Fransisco on 4th and 5th November 2014. This cultural event included workshops, talks, networking, etc., between the design practitioners and thinkers. You can also participate in this conversation, as Google will be continuing it via Google+, Twitter or some other source. You can share your valuable design considerations as and when desired and contribute to the modern design development.

Author Rick Brown is a highly experienced technical writer for Mobiers Ltd – a leading App Development Agency. You can get his best assistance, in case you are willing to avail or finding to hire app developer for premium quality services.

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