Top Tech Gadgets That Could Improve Your Lifestyle

Gadgets aren’t just for entertainment, they could actually make your life easier or improve you health. We’re going to look at some of the best new gadgets for improving your lifestyle and making you a healthier person.

1. Portable phone charger

The great thing about cell phones is that they’re portable, so you can use them anywhere – right? But what happens if your battery runs out? A flat cell phone is as useful as a coin-operated phone box. You’ll have to find a power point before you can use it again, but that isn’t always straightforward. Thankfully, you can now carry a portable battery charger (they should be even smaller than your  actual phone). That means you can add some extra energy juice to your smart-phone should it run out at an inconvenient moment.


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2. A sleep monitor alarm clock

The thing about sleep is sometimes if you wake up after 8 and a half hours you’ll feel worse than if you woke up an hour earlier. That’s because your body reacts differently to being woken during different “stages” of sleep. Setting your alarm clock to an arbitrary time could be ruining your potential for a good night’s sleep. Waking up at the wrong time could put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day and hurt your energy levels, along with adding to further difficulties in getting a good night’s sleep.

Waking up during a “lighter” sleep stage will generally feel better than being jolted out of a “deep” one. That means you could feel better after LESS sleep if you can just wake up at the right time – but how do you do that? A number of new alarm clocks aim to monitor your sleep and only wake you when the time is right. This could really make a difference to your energy levels and help instil a much healthier sleep routine.

3. E-cigarettes

Nobody is suggesting you take these up if you’re not already a smoker, but the reality is that they’re so much better for your health when compared to traditional cigarettes. The e-cig industry has exploded into mainstream consciousness in recent times, and the benefits are clear to see. They present a number of positives for your health when compared to “proper” tobacco cigarettes. They don’t have anywhere near as many chemicals and the smoke isn’t actually smoke.

If you’re a smoker who’s looking to quit, e-cigs have almost become a must-have accessory. You can use them inside and you still have the social aspect of “smoking” without potentially ruining your health. That’s why they’re much more popular than traditional quitting methods like patches, because you still get to take part in the “smoking” ritual. Many users of e-cigarettes say that their health has improved dramatically since making the switch, with less coughing problems and improved energy levels – and they smell better, too!

The electronic cigarette is fast becoming a must-have item for those looking to quit smoking, and for good reason.

Andrew Moll has been following technology improvements for a number of years. He’s seen a lot of gadgets come and go, but he also knows when he sees a new technology that’s here to stay. For those looking to quit smoking, he highly recommends the electronic cigarette.

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