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Since the day ipad was launched it has garnered nothing but appreciation. It has proved itself time and again as a worthy competitor to personal computers. Iphones and ipads together drive the apple’s app store; millions of dollars are transacted every day from the sales of applications on the app store. But if you scrutinize the costs of the apps for iphone and ipad then you will find a huge difference. The applications meant for ipad are significantly expensive as compared to the same applications meant for the iphone. What’s worse is that some of the apps that are totally free for the iphone come at a premium for the ipad. Now this can be really frustrating. Keeping this disappointing fact in mind we decided to make a review of the apps for ipad that are available for free but still provide excellent functionality. Believe us some of these apps are so good that it’s hard to believe that they are available for free.

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There are many free weather apps for ipad but very strangely most of them do not provide any weather updates about the United Kingdom. Well, accuweather will not disappoint you if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom. The interface of this app is a pure visual delight. It is a bit different from traditional styles but it is fun to use. The best feature is that it has a lifestyle page. This page takes the current weather conditions in to account and then generates a list of activities that can be affected due to weather conditions at your location. And yes this list also contains activities like dog-walking and jogging. For its excellent interface and lifestyle page we rate it 4 stars out of 5.

  • Facebook: 5 stars out of 5

Over the years the social networking giant facebook has released many apps for its website but none of them have really pleased the audience. Interestingly facebook went a step ahead and even tried to launch a phone that was modeled for efficient facebook use. Now it seems like facebook has finally settled down and after using this app we feel that it’s the right thing to do. The interface of the facebook app is clean and sleek. It feels like a stripped down version of the actual site, after continuous usage we thought that using facebook through this app on ipad is a lot better than using it through the actual site in a web browser. To be honest think app makes the facebook site look a bit chunky.

  • Air video: 4 stars out of 5

Ipads screen aspect ratio is 4:3 and it has always been the subject of a hot debate. While some people say that this aspect ratio is not suitable for watching videos, others say that it really doesn’t matters. Whatever be the case, we find ipad to be a device good enough for watching videos. If you can do it on a mobile phone then you can certainly do it on an ipad. But there is a limitation, ipad’s memory is not big enough to house a video collection, this is exactly where air video comes in. the air video app allows you to stream your videos from your pc or a mac directly to your ipad. The app is available for free but the free version has a limitation, it shows only a few number videos in the folder you are streaming. For this limitation we will deduct a point and give this app a review rating of 4 out of 5.

This review is written by Alex simons, Alex is a professional app developer and he also works as a part time app tester. Over the years he has contributed in the development of many popular apps like “whats app”.

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