How To Fix CD or DVD Drives (ROM) That Are Unable Read or Write Media?

As a big DVD movies lover, my buddy jack likes to rip and convert DVDs to MP4 video on his laptop for playback on the iPhone 5S at the spare time. Last week he came to me for help because when he used his laptop DVD Drive to rip the DVD discs, he found that the DVD drive cannot read the DVDs. In a nutshell, the DVD Disc is running but it cannot read the DVD normally.

Do you have the same situation like him? Follow the guide below to solve your problem. It is the Emergency Response Proposal for CD or DVD drives that can’t read or write data. Of course, if possible, it is better for you to send it to an authorized service center. But nevertheless we all would like to give it a shot ourselves. Here they are:

CD or DVD drives

Emergency Response Proposal

Methods One: Using the dry cotton swab to wipe the laser head

Eject the DVD tray and use an absorbent cotton ball or dry cotton swab to clean the lens of laser head gently. Generally, after using for a long time, the lens of laser head will accumulate a lot of dust in the optical drive tray, so it is necessary for us to wipe it.

Methods Two: Then clean the laser head with anhydrous alcohol

If methods one doesn’t work for you, find a cotton swab and wipe the laser head with anhydrous alcohol. And then use clean water to clean it again, at last wipe it to dry. (Not the tap water). In addition,do not drop the fluid to circuit board.

Methods Three: Find resistance and adjust potentiometer

If the methods above all don’t work for you, follow the step below to fix your DVD Drive.

Step 1: Eject the DVD tray and shut down your laptop. Turn the laptop back and open the cover plate of drive components,which was behind the DVD tray. (Tips: Properly keep the small screws)

Step 2: Find the adjustable resistance in the drive components. If you know nothing about the adjustable resistance, you can find it referring to the this picture.

Step 3: Adjust the adjustable resistance In accordance with clockwise direction,roughly rotating them 5-10 degrees. If it doesn’t work, adjust the adjustable resistance again.

Step 4: After adjusting the adjustable resistance twice, if it still doesn’t work, adjust the resistance to its initial position counterclockwise, and then adjust the again 5-10 degrees clockwise.

Note: If you do not want to make a mess out of it, you better send it to authorized service center.

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