How To Fix – An Excel File Cannot be Opened Successfully?

There are many reasons for an Excel file can be successfully opened. Here you are introduced three common ones and the way to solve such problem:

Situation One:

Generally, people can open an Excel spreadsheet by double-clicking the file. But sometimes, you can not successfully open an Excel file successfully by this double click method. You can only open it by finding the Open order in Excel menu. Even though you reinstall the whole office program, this problem still cannot be fixed. Then why this problem happens and how to solve it?

Here is the answer:


When you are unable to open an Excel file by double clicking on it, don’t worry, it’s not a big problem. This problem happens because something is wrong with DDE. As long as you reset the DDE correctly, problem will be solved immediately. An excel file cannot be opened successfully is generally caused by the wrong operation: accidentally select the Ignore other applications option. Then Excel only can be open by click the Open option in Excel menu and other methods are ignored, so you cannot open Excel file by other methods. To solve the problem, you can open the Excel file, and go to Tools -> Options -> General, then check the checkbox in front of Ignore other applications. Finally click the OK button to save the setting. Then problem solved.

Situation Two:

When you upgrade you office software like upgrading from Office 2003 to Office 2010, when open the previous saved Excel file, you just can’t open it successfully and get the message like “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.”, but after you open it in Office 2003 and save it, you can now open it in Office 2010. So what’s the problem and how to fix this problem?

Considering the copyright protection, if you want to open a file downloaded from the Internet in Word 2010, Word 2010 is automatically set in protected mode and the default setting is forbidden editing. If you want to edit files in Word 2013, you need to click Enable Editing option to make things work. This problem happens because of the new functions in Office 2010. It is the same in Excel 2010. Here is a method for you to fix the problem in Excel 2010:

Open an Excel file, then click on File -> Options and then select Trust Center and click Trust Center Settings in the left panel button and a window pops up like below. Then click on Protected View option and uncheck all the checkbox in the left side of the window. At last, hit OK button to save the changes. Then reopen the Excel file, you will find that you can normally open it. The problem is fixed as expected.


Situation Three:

After trying the above two methods and the file is still can’t open or corrupted. This can be caused by virus attack, accidental power off and the file remains unsaved, etc. Then how to fix problem of such situation? Here you can try a special and powerful tool that is specially used for fix excel file. The tool is named Office Regenerator and you can download it from: . This software can successfully recover corrupted Excel spreadsheets with ease. Besides, it also can restore any deleted or missing Excel file with full information. Just try it.


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