5 Tech Programs To Double Your Skill And Salary In 2014

In order to keep the competitions going, every organization requires efficient and skilled employees in the sector of information and technology to aid them in cutting costs, managing risks, and making wiser decisions for the growth and progress of the business. IT specialists and professionals who are well equipped with the latest trends in the sectors including information security, business intelligence, network security, project management, and software development have an edge in the market and are likely to get desirable jobs with handsome salary packages. Acquiring certification in these IT areas and domains would undoubtedly make one standout in the market and attract employers of huge organizations.

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Following are the top-notch IT certifications which are expect to kick start anyone’s career in the year of 2014

1. PMI’s PMP certification

The project management institute (PMI)’s project management professional certification is a renowned and prominent certification in the field of information technology and project-oriented sector. This certification covers five project management areas that include initiating, planning, executing, supervising, and completion of project. PMP exam is quite challenging, but hands on experience in the field would make the candidate pass the exam successfully. PMP certification is a mainstream certification topping the list of virtually every employer’s requirement. Certified PMPs can make noticeable contributions towards the organization’s productivity and work efficiency.


The CISSP or certified information systems security professional certification is highly demanded security credential in the IT sector offered by ISC2. Due to increasing threats to the security of software and network communication, organizations have deemed it necessary to hire top notch IT security professionals who can adequately manage and supervise the network and software security. Covering ten core security domains including management of risk, software security, architecture of security, recovery in case of disaster, and network security, the CISSP credential has become the standard of excellence for delivering high class assurance of network and software security.


Microsoft certified solutions developer or MCSD is one of Microsoft’s newly launched cloud related certification. This Microsoft certification is one of the highest paid credential in the domain of information and technology. The MCSD professional would design and analyze enterprise solutions utilizing various Microsoft development tools and languages. Employers strive to hire efficient MCSDs for boosting efficiency and productivity of organization in an economical way.


CCDA or cisco certified design associate is an entry level credential offered by Cisco in the domain of network design. A CCDA is able to design campus, voice, security, data center, and wireless networks in all kind of businesses and organizations.. This certification is one of top 5 highly paid credentials and has become a notable certification in the networking sector.

5. VCP

Whenever it comes to IT credentials, the list goes incomplete without VMware Certifications. A VCP (VMware certified professional) enjoys 6 digit salaries with a sheer demand in the market. VCPs typically install, do configurations, and administer cloud environment utilizing the various components of vCloud.

There are of course a number of IT credentials worth top-tier salaries but the above mentioned IT certifications top the list of highly paid certifications in the domain of IT for the upcoming year of 2014!

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