There is a New Version of Google News for Android and iOS

Google introduced a new version of Google News for Android and iOS. The new version of the application interface can be customized according to the taste and needs of the user: change the subject on a light or dark, select the desired font size and even larger “cards”, which contains articles.

google news app

In addition, the simplified navigation through news stories are broken into thematic sections. You can go back to the list of sections by clicking on the icon on the top left of Google News app, the list displays not only the existing thematic sections, but also those created by a user.

Here are few notable changes:

  • Improved overall look and feel which makes things easier to read.
  • Simplified navigation without any kind of clutters.
  • Users can customize the look and feel of the app by selecting dark of light theme.
  • Google feedback is now integrated into the app.
  • Along with a new weather gadget.
  • And many other features from the desktop version.

Update or install the app on your smartphone and tell us how you feel.

1 Response

  1. Mia says:

    Yeah!, I have used this version of Google news and it was really cool.