The Best Cloud-Based Services

The Cloud Explained

Cloud computing is essentially a broad term for anything that involves hosted services delivered via the internet. Cloud services are typically available on demand and give you the option of having as much or as little as you want based on your needs. Cloud services and applications are accessible to you anywhere as long as you have a connection to the Internet while the service or application is completely managed by the provider. The primary benefit of cloud computing is that it provides easily accessible IT and computing services to individuals and businesses. Cloud-based services are typically affordable in price and offer a wide range of solutions like data storage and project management.

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Top Cloud Providers

There are several great cloud based services that can provide you or your business with data storage solutions.

If you’re a Windows user, Microsoft offers a quick, simple and integrated cloud storage solution in the form of Skydrive. Skydrive also supports third party applications and mobile apps for access to your data on-the-go.

Dropbox is one of the most popular and highly-rated cloud data storage providers. Its basic service is provided for free with storage upgrade and pricing plans for businesses available. There are several ways to increase your data storage capacity at Dropbox for free, and students qualify for free storage.

Google Drive is relatively new to the cloud storage scene. Integration with other Google services, 15GB of free storage and upgrade options make it an excellent solution to your data storage needs.

Top Project Management Software Providers

Cloud-based project management tools can help you meet your business goals, cut costs and give you greater oversight. The best project management services offer a variety of tools and pricing plans, but which one is best for you?

Microsoft Office 365 isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of project management, however for only $5 a month it can be turned into the one.

SugarSync is another option, which offers the ability for users to work together on projects remotely, along with other options.

Basecamp is a simple application that allows you to create tasks and assign them to employees and colleagues. It has also been optimized for mobile use, and provides e-mail alerts to keep everyone aware of deadlines.

Another great option is Citrix Podio. it allows you to set meetings, assign tasks and track progress. The service offers an application marketplace where you can find tools suited to your business and is free for up to five employees.

Cloud-based services offer beneficial web applications, project management and data storage solutions at affordable prices, or even free in some cases. Students learning online or in universities can use the cloud to back up their data, take notes, store project files and access them from anywhere. Businesses that take advantage of these services can find project management, application and data storage solutions that increase productivity, while also cutting costs. Whether you’re a student or business owner, it’s clear that cloud services can offer a variety of effective solutions for any budget.

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