8 Typical Reasons to Switch From Apple iOS to Android

Following the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, a bunch of iPhone fanboys have a bit neutral thoughts. Without going any further, a friend of mine confessed to me that they are slowly wanting to switch to Android. I guess they are not alone.

Android had a bitter past

Before starting the reasons I would make a brief introduction. Just 6 years from the arrival of the first Android device HTC Dream, and since then it has rained a lot so far. Android was chaotic, disaster and even unattractive. The beginnings are always difficult.

All this has changed and the Google’s operating system has been able to build a strong ecosystem. Updates flowing ever faster and more and more manufacturers are wanting to integrate their devices with Android. So lets jump into the reasons. Dedicated to those who begin to have doubts, let me offer 8 reasons to switch from Apple iOS to Android finally. (Disclaimer: I’m not a Apple Hater though :-p)

apple ios vs android

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1. Variety is the spice

Start talking about variety of hardware, that is, of the devices themselves. Apple users are limited to the iPhone: a smaller, thicker or thinner iPhone in shades of champagne or plastic, (now aluminium) but basically there is only one high end. On Android, however, we will find lots of variety flagships for everyone. Those who are sammy fans will go directly to Samsung for Galaxy S5, others will be stuck between LG G3 or Xperia Z2.  Those not wanting to spend big money on a device also have got some alternatives. In Android there is a broad middle range and low-end with very decent specs and features.

Each manufacturer provides its devices hardware features and own design. Sony bid to create waterproof devices, and even Samsung has also adopted it in its S4 Active. LG wanted to innovate and put hardware buttons on the back of its latest lineups like LG G2 and G3. The last example in this line that comes to mind is the Oppo N1, which has a rotating camera.


The high-end Android is, in many cases, cheaper than the high-end iPhone, currently represented by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. I think it is enough to mention the price of iPhone 6 64 GB costs $749 (INR 45,700)  in USA and Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB currently costs on Amazon about $540 (INR 33,000), but do not forget that with a microSD memory can be expanded up to 64 GB if you want (a 64 gigs memory card costs between $20 -$30). So you do the math.

Again, I repeat that if these prices are out of your budget, you can always opt from other brands like Huawei, Alcatel and Asus for less than $400 (INR 25000) with similar specs.

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3. Personalization

One of my favorite reasons. Once you have the outside that you like you can customize the interior any way you like. And I’m not just talking about wallpapers, themes and widgets, but pitching and even keyboards. In Android there are many different keyboards, such as Swype, SwiftKey or Dryft .

To achieve this in iPhone the user has to dig a little. Moreover, it is only possible by making a jailbreak in old iOS versions, but after the release of iOS 8, they have added the option of 3rd party keyboard but limited to only swype. Android is not necessary to be root for these levels of customization, but if you want more if it is necessary.

4. Rooting (legal)

This process can be more complicated or easier depending on the device. With being “root” means being able to access the system directories and thus administrative rights through which you can install, modify and uninstall what you want. In addition, you can also play with the performance of the device to make it more efficient or powerful.

Do not forget that this procedure involves a risk and if you do not know what you are doing, it can result in the complete closure of the device.

5. Custom ROMs!

The new iPhone 6  family (also older iPhones) comes standard with the new version of iOS 8. Many iOS users have received iOS 8 with open arms by assuming that it would be major change to the system interface. Something a typical Android user do not care. The main reason is that in Android each manufacturer has their own interface or Stock Android Vannila, and if you do not like it you can always install a ROM of your choice.

To install a ROM you need to have root access. There is enough variety of ROMs that are divided into three main groups like stock, cooked or OEM firmwares. One of the most popular Android ROMs is CyanogenMod, although there are many like MIUI, AOKP, Paranoid Android etc.

The great advantage of these ROMs are that they often bring the benefits of the latest version of Android before it is officially released.

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6. Apps (many free of charge)

The Apple Store had more variety of applications and also represented the first choice for the vast majority of developers. Again, times are changing and Google Play is increasingly attracting more people. Also, yes there is “find an app for everything”, which can be free. Finally, the vast majority of Android applications usually have a lower price than their Apple counterparts.

7. Google Services

On Android you are getting standard Google services, such as Chrome, Gmail etc. The daily life of the vast majority of us is organized by Google services like Calendar, Google Docs, Youtube, Google Now. All these services are tightly integrated into the Android operating system. ofcourse even iOS has these apps in them, but the usability completely differs when it is Android.

8. Community

As a final reason I want to mention to all Android fans. Such a community can only be formed around an open system, which by the way is another matter. This is important because it makes all the above reasons more accessible to everyone. I mean, that any doubts arising about how to root or which model to buy, surely the answer is in one of the many forums that exist such as Android.

I can only say one thing, what are you waiting for? If you are convinced from the above reasons then your next smartphone will be an Android.

So what are some other reasons you think as an Android user which you boast yourself in front of an Apple user? Share your thoughts.