Samsung Suffers Legal Defeat Against Apple

A Seoul court ruled that the U.S. company Apple, did not violate patents of Samsung Electronics, which is another setback for the South Korean firm, now in their own country, within the legal battle. South Korean court ruled that Apple violated patent of any of its competitor, in relation to a lawsuit filed in March last year by Samsung Electronics.

In its application, Samsung claimed that several Apple devices, including the iPhone 4S, had copied three of its patents, including one related to text messaging services. They even requested huge sum of financial compensation and that the sales was banned in South Korea for six models of iPad tablets and iPhones.

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Just after knowing about the decision, Samsung Electronics issued a brief statement in which they said they were “disappointed by the decision of the court. As Apple continued infringing our patents in mobile technology, we will continue taking steps to protect our intellectual property rights measures,” the South Korean firm said in the statement, thus leaving open the possibility of filing an appeal.This is the second failure within this legal battle in South Korea issued after August last year in a local court, they ruled that Apple had infringed two patents of Samsung. After that first verdict, both companies appealed the decision of the Korean court.

The new legal defeat on home turf is another blow to Samsung, which last month ordered a jury of California, in a repeat of a trial a year ago, paid $ 290 million to Apple for allegedly copying features iPhone. That fine amounted to $ 890 million the total amount that Samsung must pay Apple in its patent war worldwide.

The two major manufacturers of smartphones in the world maintain a legal war since 2011 with mutual accusations of violation of patents and has more than 50 lawsuits in a dozen countries. Although Apple and Samsung are competing hard in the phone market and the courts, are also partners, as Apple uses components manufactured by Samsung to develop several of its devices produced in China.

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