Samsung KNOX – A Smart Solution for Smartphones And Tablets

Samsung is one of the most forward thinking companies in the technological universe, mainly thanks to the smartphones and tablets with the Android OS. However, the introduction of this system in the day to day life is more vulnerable than other alternatives (especially the platform iOS iPhone and iPad ). To facilitate the inclusion of security in their smartphones and high-end tablets in the world of business, Samsung has developed a powerful professional solution called Samsung KNOX, between applications of our personal data to improve security. We tell you all the benefits included in this solution.

samsung knox


Samsung KNOX is developed by the Samsung team in South Korea . The first mobile that was integrated with this solution is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but quickly spread to other smartphones, some new releases and other devices that have received a software update in recent weeks. The complete list of KNOX compatible phones are the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, the Samsung Galaxy Round, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet 10.1 2014 Edition. Keep in mind that several of these phones may have KNOX only if they have received the update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

samsung knox compatibility


For those who have received the update of Samsung recently, within their apps icon their should be a KNOX icon which will help you with the installation. Keep in mind that this update takes up 154 MB of space. Upon accepting the terms of service downloading this app begins with a screen that shows the progress of the same. In the next step we are prompted for a password with at least six characters and include at least one number and the idle time after which we will re-request the password. To recover the password if forgotten, the user must enter a PIN for Samsung to send a password hint. After making this initial configuration finish the installation.

First Glance at KNOX

Samsung KNOX creates its own environment (with system root) which opens’ application in a secure environment. It knox phone-appsseparates applications we run on the personal side of the device and prevents potential threats arriving to the device which may damage the device. To launch this feature, simply open the notifications panel and click on the KNOX icon. At first glance, Samsung KNOX window replicates a simple Android operating system with its own screen background with the time and date at the top and icons of the main apps below. Gradually we can create new screens with new icons of the applications you download.

At the bottom we have an icon to return to normal Personal Home screen. At all times we can switch between the advanced view of KNOX and the basic platform of Android with just a touch. Continuing on the icons below the menu button brings up a view of the available apps and widgets that can be introduced into the device. To start using this solution, an unavoidable step is to go through the Samsung KNOX application store.

Knox-specific apps

KNOX functionality depends largely on the app store that Samsung has deployed. Currently we have a somewhat limited set of apps, but increasingly manufacturers develop specific versions of apps for this platform. For example, there is already a KNOX version of the Dropbox Enterprise, a popular service that has managed to become a highly demanded tool both for users and corporations. Another popular one among the masses is Evernote, the app to take notes. We also noticed several tools that allow us to remotely access a computer via smartphone or tablet, such as Citrix Receiver or Remote Control.

Another of the apps that we would like to highlight its usefulness is CamCard Lite. With this app we can photograph a business card and contact information will be saved automatically within your contacts, thus streamlining this process. Finally, Onvelop is a collaboration tool that is very useful for professionals who use the platform in their Office work and want to have a safe and fast way to access your files and work collaboratively with others. Samsung plans to steadily increase this number of apps to increase the possibilities of using KNOX.


Undoubtedly, the key aspect of KNOX is the security. Samsung has deployed KNOX to facilitate the work of IT professionals who want to enter into the structure of the company called BYOD, that is, the ability of employees to work with their own personal devices. Besides opening business applications in a separate environment, the personal universe of apps and user data are also limited to those coming from a trusted source, and KNOX is capable of blocking files that can contain a security threat. On the other hand, we can encrypt data within the device, so they are safe from possible external incursions.

Final Verdict

Samsung KNOX is free to all users that have a compatible smartphone. However, in the case of deploying this platform within your enterprise network you must buy a licensing system. It is a solution that tries to reduce the headaches that would introduce (increasingly common) personal devices in the enterprise infrastructure ( BYOD ), and creates a specific environment to run applications with much less danger that security breaches occur. Yes, we are still seeing their first step and the set of available apps is still quite limited. The success of this approach depends heavily on the support of developers in the coming months , but Samsung has the backing of its experience and power in the market for smartphones and tablets. Let see how KNOX can make an impact in the vulnerable smartphone world.

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