Smartphone Apps That Can Help You In An Emergency

The smartphone in your pocket is a fun toy and a powerful computer, but it is much more than that. When emergencies strike and the power grid goes down, smartphones are often the only remaining source of communication. Suddenly the phone in your pocket becomes a lifeline to your family and a way to stay in touch and make it through the storm.

There are a few smartphone apps that can make your smartphone even more useful when disaster strikes. Some of these apps can help you if you are a victim of crime. Others can help you stay in touch when disaster strikes. You never know which type of emergency will befall you, so it pays to download these simple apps to your phone now, even if you hope you will never have to use them.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 apps that have been gratefully researched and put otgether by the tech site sellcell.

#1 – iTriage

This can be an interesting app to play with in good times, but in an emergency it could literally be a lifesaver. The iTriage app lets you search specific medical symptoms and find potential causes. This app is certainly not a replacement for your doctor and his or her medical expertise, but it can help you determine when  you need to seek immediate assistance in an emergency.

In addition to the symptom search, iTriage lets you find the nearest medical facilities, so you will know where to go if you do need immediate help. The app even provides turn-by-turn directions to help you get there as quickly as possible.

#2 – HelpBridge

HelpBridge allows you to send emails and texts to loved ones in an emergency. You can use this simple app to let your loved ones know you are OK, or ask for help when it is needed. The HelpBridge app also makes it easy to post emergency messages to your Facebook timeline.

This app is great for emergencies like fires and floods, but it can also be a lifesaver for crime victims. Making a phone call with a criminal in your home is not always an option. Victims can use this app to text their status and ask for help. Sending a simple text message to a family member can be enough to send the police to your door and possibly even save your life.


#3 – Emergency Medical Center Locator

You need to know where the nearest hospital is in an emergency, and the Emergency Medical Center Locator apps gives you that potentially lifesaving information. Not only does this app help you find the nearest hospital, but it also provides detailed information on trauma centers, stroke facilities, vision clinics, pediatric care and other specialized services.

#4 – Iams Vet 24/7

This app can help your pet in times of trouble. Sponsored by pet food maker Iams, the Iams Vet 24/7 app gives pet owners information on local animal hospitals and clinics. The app gives you a list of local vet clinics and practices, filtered by distance from your current location. You will need to make sure the GPS is activated on your phone, since the Iams Vet 24/7 app relies on your current location to provide the most accurate information.

#5 – Poison Help App

Accidental poisonings are all too common, and they can be life-threatening emergencies. The Poison Help App makes it easy to get information on all manner of potentially hazardous household chemicals and determine when emergency medical help is needed. Users can easily search for the product ingested, and emergency response is just a phone call away. The app includes the phone number of the poison control center so you can get help fast.

#6 – American Red Cross Shelters

While you hope you never have to take advantage of them, Red Cross shelters are always ready to take in disaster victims and help fire victims recover from the trauma of losing their homes. The Red Cross Shelters app contains detailed information for more than 60,000 disaster facilities across the nation. The app also provides users with real-time information concerning all of its shelters around the United States.

Users can quickly view all the necessary details, from total capacity and current population to the exact address. No matter where you live, this app can help you find shelter from the storm.

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