Apple iPhone 6 – New Rumors Delay and Its Release Date

The release date of Apple iPhone 6 could be delayed with respect to the available data so far. Although Apple’s plans would remain that the new generation of iPhone comes in September, the latest data suggests that there is a few days delay than previously disclosed.

September is marked by specialists and leaks to the arrival of the new iPhone. It is assumed that Apple will launch strategy that made ​​previous models and will present its new device in September . This possibility was strengthened through a Deutsche Telekom pointing to September 19 as a specific day for the launch of the iPhone 6.


Weeks after that leak, new data suggest a possible delay with respect to the initial idea. According to insiders report cited by some Chinese media that said Apple will begin sales of  iPhone 6 in September, but later than expected. In particular, it would be the September 25 chosen for the start of sales.

These latest data on the release date to be confirmed by Apple. The company used to confirm with just over a week in advance of their event. Similarly, Apple will have to confirm other details about the next generation iPhone, as the name for their device.

In addition to the new dates for the launch, the Chinese sources that have the latest information on the release of the iPhone 6 have commented that Apple could innovate in the name of one of the devices. Thus, the 4.7-inch model would have iPhone 6 as title and the 5.5 Inch model might be names “iPhone Air”. Apple already has terms like the MacBook Air or iPad Air, which would for the first time be used on iPhone model. This would be a way to differentiate the two models in its release of a simpler relative to the size of the screen.

Finally, the means of Chinese origin have also provided data on prices of the new generation of iPhone. For the 4.7-inch model, the data coincide with previous leaks, which put the price of the 32GB version around 625 ($850). As for the iPhone 6 5.5 inches, the estimated price filter would reach 714 ($970). In any case, these prices has not been confirmed and may vary depending on the country.

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