8 Things You Didn’t Know There Was an App For

“There’s an app for that” has become a staple in our daily conversation ever since smartphones have become increasingly more integrated into our lives. But while we joke about the endless possibilities of apps that we can download to make our lives seemingly more efficient and fun, it turns out that we really don’t know exactly how many strange apps there actually are! Here, we’ll explore eight of the most outrageous apps for Apple and Android devices ranging from oddly helpful to ridiculously unnecessary, and maybe then we can truly understand how vast are options are when it comes to mobile apps.

1: Fake-An-Excuse

fake an excuse app

This app is weirdly useful, especially if you need to end a conversation quickly. The app features a wide selection of excuses, from mundane to totally outrageous, that you can choose from. Then, after you’ve chosen an excuse, the app tells you exactly what to say while it plays convincing sound effects in the background.

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2: Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

With this app, you can talk to ghosts!What’s more, this app enables you to hear when they talk back. The app allegedly hears what ghosts near you are saying and translates their messages into English text right on your phone, although the messages can be a bit cryptic at times!

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mubi app

This odd app falls into the realm of interesting and pretty useful. MUBI is a movie-streaming app, similar to Netflix, which features only international and independent films. The app also serves as a database and social network for learning and sharing more about the films featured on the streaming service. While the some content is blocked in some regions of the world, there are easy ways to get around that. The thing that makes this app so special is its niche role in the world of movie-streaming giants.It’s a great place to go to escape from the everyday movie experience!

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4: Run Pee

Run Pee app

Run Pee is another one of those apps that falls into the “Incredibly Weird yet Extremely Handy” category. It is designed to help you out when you go to the cinema. Invariably, you will have to pee sometime during the course of the movie. This app tells you when the most convenient time to pee is, so that you won’t miss any major plot points.  The app also gives a summary of all of the things that you may have missed while you rushed out to relieve yourself. This is one of those things that we didn’t know we really needed until we got it!

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5: Yo

Yo app

Have you ever really wanted to say nothing more than “Yo” to any or all of your friends with the simple push of a button? If you’ve ever wanted that, this app is perfect for you! The entire function of the app is to text the simple word “Yo” to anyone from your contact list. Whether or not they respond to your monosyllabic intrusions on their lives is entirely up to them, and the app makes no guarantee that any real conversation will follow your initial message.

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6: Game for Cats

Game for Cats app

It’s no secret that people spend way too much time playing silly games on their smartphones and tablets. Now, cats have the opportunity to waste their time in the same way we humans do! The Game for Cats app, which works best on tablets, is designed specifically for your cat. It features little creatures that move around the screen. The idea is that the cat should try to catch or slap the moving critters. The real fun though is watching your cat go crazy with your tablet!

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7: Cat Paint

Paint for Cats app

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought, “There should be a cat here”?If so, then this app is definitely for you! The app allows you to choose from a wide array of cats from all walks of life and then add them to any of your photos. You can adjust the size and position of the cats so that they fit perfectly into your photos. Now, you can be that crazy cat person on Instagram without all of the annoying cat hair on everything that you own!

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8: Brostache

With this app, you can finally grow that moustache that you’ve always wanted! It’s as easy as opening this app, choosing your favorite moustache, and then holding the phone in front of your mouth. The app displays a mouth adorned with an impressive ’stache that syncs up with your speaking, giving the illusion to all who see that you have an actual moustache. Actually, you’re probably not fooling anyone, but it’s all in good fun!

While these apps might not be the best way to spend hours of your time, they’re a fun way to bring some new meaning to your smartphone! What are the weirdest apps that you’ve seen?