Is Apple Nearing Its End?

Apple had a golden era under the smart leadership of Steve Jobs. Apple climbed up the ladder of success and the different products that they kept launching were soaring high in the market. People started liking the brand and it soon became the number one brand.

Ever since the demise of Steve Jobs, the company has been a little shaky and there have been murmurs regarding whether the golden days of Apple are now near its end. This is a matter that is subject to a lot of dispute because even today, if you compare the sales figure that Apple projects, it will still be way better when compared to other top brands in the same league. Then, why precisely do people predict that Apple might be nearing the end of the golden era? It definitely has a lot of food for thought.

The Current Status of Apple Products

There was a time when Apple was known to be the ultimate revolutionary brand in the field of electronics. When they first launched the iPod and even the iPad, it created a huge stir among people because everyone was impressed by the breakthrough in the new technology. No doubt, it was the genius marketing efforts of Steve Jobs that made Apple the most coveted brand among people.

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Today, however, Apple isn’t big on some of the best surprises anymore. Although new iPhone and iPad models are announced, the zing that was once associated with the launch of an Apple products has gone missing. Steve Jobs was one of those business magnates who did not believe in selling his products at rates lower than what he thought was justified.

This was one of the key reasons as to why Apple products are always so expensive. However, the release of iPhone 5C which is mainly to cater the cheaper markets in India and China is a proof that Apple is shifting the strategies which took it to the top. They are trying desperate ways and methods by which they can cater to the mass markets and push their sales, perhaps proving that there is a dent in the profile of what was once the biggest company. And the phone has been revamped enabling users to surf online at high speeds and check out the top five websites for listening to music or other online websites. The point being, that while with the new revamped version, users could probably get all the info on top five music websites or portals, the fact remains that the target market continues to be restricted, as far as the product reach goes.

Hence, there has been quite a lot of changes and though it would be wrong to say that Apple is standing very close to the end, yet it looks like the golden days of ultimate superiority are long gone and the gap between Apple and the rest of the brands are closing in a little every day.

Different people may have different opinions and there are various parameters for judgment. If you look at the sales figure and the profit margin, Apple still makes a handsome mark as their sales figure are impressive, if not phenomenal. However, when you look at the marketing sector, the kind of buzz and reviews that customers had for Apple, has died down considerably. The scales therefore, are tilted in different directions and Apple has lost the glory that it enjoyed under the reigns of Steve Jobs. No doubt, Jobs was the one who made Apple the brand it is.

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  1. Steave says:

    We can’t say that Apple’s golden era is near. Because there are many things where iOS and Apple products dominate the world. We have seen a great competition from android . But still there are things those have not been surpassed and can’t be done quite easily. But yes Apple will have to focus on some areas where Android can be challenge for it.