How To Set Up Your Wireless Internet / Wi-Fi Configuration?

Wireless internet attained very famous for accessing the internet in certain distances. Great numbers of people are using the wireless internet as because of its cost reduction and convenience. You don’t have to frustrate with internet cables in anymore. Once you decide to setup a wireless internet in your network, you have to understand the importance of configuration settings. If you did not setup the proper settings of wireless internet, you want to face some hassles on it. It is important that you have to protect your wireless network to safe your personal information. Unprotected networks may lead to security risks. If you concern to minimize the risk factors, you have to follow some certain steps.

  • Turn off the broadcast of your SSID to get rid of hacker’s access.
  • Setup the SSID username with the combination of numbers of letters.
  • You want to update the security software of the router recurrently.

Users need to disable automatic wireless connection option as it controls the access of hackers. Wireless networks are really beneficial system to access the internet efficiently. However, you have to setup the network with appropriate configuration settings. It is important that you have to update anti-virus and firewall software of your system constantly. When you update with the software functions, you can stay away from the troubles of malware functions.

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Most of the wireless router models are widespread in the online sites. You just need to take a brief research on it to discover the right model that satisfies your needs. Compare the features and specifications of the router types to choose the best one. Once you purchased the router, you have to setup the network with appropriate settings. If you don’t know how to protect your network, you can make use of helpful guidelines in the online sources. You have to connect the router to your modem and you have to make sure about the turn on functions. Make use of physical Ethernet cable to connect the computer with the router and modem.

  • Once you setup the physical connections, you have to configure the router.
  • Most of the router types are accompanied with router software.
  • With the help of software, you can easily configure the router setup in an effort-free manner.

You have to assign the wireless network by the selection of right username and password. Most of the router software will detect the settings of your internet automatically and so you don’t have to worry about it. If you did not obtain default router software, you have to access the configuration settings by entering the router’s IP address in the web browser. It will not take more efforts and time. You just need to enter the default address in the address bar and then hit enter. Then, you have to enter the username and password of the router. It will take you to the router’s setting page.

  • Enjoy The Internet Access in a Protected Network

If you forget the login details of your router, you can find the default username and password of your router in the online websites. It is also possible to change the default credentials as per your needs. You want to know how to setup a strong password for your router. Set the name of your network in the SSID field and then you can apply the settings to the router. Once you completed the essential procedure, you can be connected to the network. When you are protected in the wireless network, third parties cannot access your connection in any case.

In the recent days, most of the home and workplace people are fascinated to make use of wireless networks as because of its immense advantages. You don’t have to frustrate with long wired cables on your systems and buildings. If you face any issues while accessing the internet, you can reset the router at any time. Resetting process will reset the default settings of the router. After that, you can browse the internet sites without any hassles. It is good to gain some knowledge about wireless networks and its functions so that you can handle certain faults on your own without the need of network administrator.

The is an IPv4 address that is widely used in the wireless routers as a default address. Private range is launched in the IP address for accessing the internet within single network. Once the router is configured with this IP address, it will not work outer surface of the network. Further, it is non-routable and it helps you to access the internet in a safe way. It is possible to change the default IP address to any other IP in the private ranges. You can find more numbers of router models that are configured with this IP address.

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