How to Embed A Chatwing Chatroom? – A Chatwing Tutorial

A chatting tool is a great addition to any site when it comes to customer service. Through chatting, sharing of information can be accomplished swiftly, which is definitely a plus in delivering customer satisfaction. By using a Chatwing chatroom, you’ll have an even better advantage. Through its features complimenting its excellent chatting capabilities, you’ll surely have the best chatting experience with your clients.

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Below is a simple guide in embedding this chat software on your site.

1. Register a Chatwing Account

First, you need to create a Chatwing account. This account will be used in mainly in creating chatrooms and managing them. However, it is also used to purchase Chatwing coins that are used to activate the premium features of the chatroom.

Here’s how you can register.

  • First, go to Chatwing’s homepage.
  • Next, find the Register button and press it.
  • It will open a registration form. Fill it up with a valid email and the password for your account.
  • Lastly, check the boxes below and press the Register button again to submit.
  • You’re done!

After the process, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard Page.

 Chatwing software

2. Creating the Chatroom

 You can create your chatroom here, in the Dashboard. To do so, just press the Create Chatbox button. Now, let’s head on to Number 3.

Chatwing Dashboard

 3.       Customizing the Chatroom

After creating the chatroom, you are prompted to customize it in the Customization page. The page is divided into tabs making it easier for you to customize the chatroom – pretty useful afterwards when you want to further customize an already modified chatroom. There are two modes on the customization page – Basic and Advanced.

Basic is composed of seven tabs while Advanced focuses on a much more detailed approach in customizing and thus, has fifteen tabs in it. To switch between these two, just press the Switch button found at the top of the page.

This page also has Save buttons placed on some of the tabs. Take note of these buttons as you browse through the tabs as you’ll need to press them to save your changes. You can see them take effect on your chatroom by looking at the preview window.

After customizing the chatroom, press the Use button. It’s found on the top part of the page, along with the Switch button.

Chatwing Customize

4.       Embedding the Chatroom

Embedding a Chatwing chatroom can be done using two methods – through Popout Options or Embedded Options. Popout Options makes use of a clickable icon that will be embedded on your site. Embedded Options on the other hand, will embed the chatroom directly on your webpage. Here are the procedures for both of these methods.

 Chatwing Embedding

Popout Options

You can find the Popout Icon to be used in the preview window of this tab. Before you can embed it, you’re still allowed to customize it using the customization options provided on this tab. When you’re done customizing the icon, look for its HTML codes below.

Chatwing Popout

 Now open your site at the part where you want to embed the icon. In the tab, copy its HTML codes. Now paste them into your site and you’re done! Once you saved your changes, open it again and the icon will be there.


Chatwing Popout Pasting

Chatwing Popout Pasting


Embedded Options

In this tab you’ll see an overview of your chatroom in another preview window. There are two scrollbars there that you can use to change the height and width of the chatroom. If you’re satisfied with how big your chatroom is, then you can finally start embedding it.


Chatwing Embedded Options

Same as the Popout Options, you need to look for its HTML codes below the tab. There are two groups of these codes – Javascript and iFrame. Let’s stick with Javascript for now.

There are two sets of codes there, right? Just above these sets are instructions as to where you can place them in your site. Now, one at a time, you need to copy them and paste them on your site – at the place where you want the chatroom to show up. Lastly, save your changes and open your site again – the chatroom should be there.

Chatwing Embedded Pasting

Chatwing chat software

 There are some exceptions of this embedding process using the Javascript codes. Sites that don’t execute Javascript won’t be able to use the chatroom properly – it won’t even show up at all. To solve this problem, you need to replace the said codes with the iFrame codes found in the Embedded Options tab.

It is up to you which method to use as each one has its own advantages too. Popout Options will save you those previous web spaces drastically while having the efficiency of an excellent chatroom. However, with Embedded Options, your viewers can easily notice the chatroom and start chatting inside.

Making Use of the Chatroom

Immediately after setting it up on your site, your viewers can use the chatroom. Joining in is very easy as Chatwing allows login methods using social media accounts. The chatters can use their Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr and Instagram. The system will then make use of their profile pictures as their avatars on the chatroom.


Chatwing chat software


You can easily control the flow of the messages too – as the Administrator of the chatroom, you have that right. You can ban obnoxious people and delete the messages as you see fit. This is very effective against spam and messages that can ruin your hurt the wellbeing of the other chatters or the reputation of your site.


Chatwing chat software

Chatwing has more features to offer and each of them will compliment the chatroom greatly. Its developers are also adamant in improving it even further. With even better functions, the chat software will always be excellent when it comes to providing live chat.


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