Google And Audi To Launch Android Based Cars

Google and Audi could announce a plan by which both are working to develop the Android operating system suitable for cars, during the next week at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, as reported by sources close to the story and Wall Street Journal.

Currently, 10% of vehicles worldwide are already equipped with intelligent systems connectivity. Obviously, this is an expanding market, which has made computer giants like Google and Apple (who months ago announced the development of a similar technology) begin to dabble in the world of vehicles.

google audi android cars

As confirmed from Google, the agreement with Audi is aimed to develop cars capable of incorporating a computerized system that provides information and entertainment to the users. In addition to this news, Google would announce partnerships with other automotive companies and other technology, including chip maker Nvidia , in order to establish Android as a key technology for future vehicles.

nvidia With Nvidia, the goal is to allow the driver and passengers not only have access to information about traffic conditions and road needed to get somewhere, but you can also access music panels, games, internet searches, and a range of Android applications that are currently available on smartphones.

Since Apple announced its system iOS ‘in the car’, the internet giant Google, appears to have accelerated its plans to develop its operating system and apply it to cars. Furthermore, Audi could also announced at CES 2014, its new technologies that allow their cars to be driven automatically in certain situations and for short periods.

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  1. January 6, 2014

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