FLV To MP3 – Using The Correct Software

FLV is a format that is made use of by video streaming sites, such as YouTube. However, the problem with FLV format is that several portable devices, such as PMPs, tablets as well as smartphones, do not support it. One way of surmounting this issue is by downloading apps in your smartphone or tablet for playing such FLV files. This is suitable for the Android or the iOS, but some other mobile operating systems do not allow the use of third party apps. In such a case, it is necessary convert the FLV to MP3, so that your portable device can handle it. The MP3 format has wide support and also offers a good quality ratio when it is compressed. It is a format that can be used for audio as well as video.

Converting Files

Methods of converting FLV to MP3 could vary depending on whether the FLV file has been stored in your computer or whether it is on a website. There are many specificwebsites that can help you with conversion of FLV files that are located on the web. If the FLV file is stored in a hard drive, you can make use of special software created for conversion purposes and this will change the file to an MP3 format. FLV can also be converted into several other audio formats, such as WAV, APE, M4A, AAC and several others for Mac OS X as well.

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What are FLVs?

FLV is a Flash Video file, which are multimedia containers being used for streaming video through the Internet. FLV files are extremely popular for such streaming, due to their small size. They are also compatible with many of the operating systems and therefore sites, such as YouTube as well as Metacafe use this format for transmitting their video content.  FLV has become the most popular choice for web embedded videos, with many other notable users being the Google Video, Reuters.com and Yahoo Video and so on. However, the format also has certain limitations. This is because it does not allow you to download the file or convert it into an audio format or any other media format. Another problem is that FLV is not compatible with the iPhone, the iPod and many other mobile phones and portable players.

Process of Conversion

Sites that enable you to convert such FLV files use procedures involving cutting and pasting of URL in the text box and then clicking on buttons enabled to convert. The file is then converted into flash for windows or for iTunes and for any other media player devices supporting an audio MP3 format.

In case of conversion from a hard drive, you need to download software programs for converting into media format. You can convert the file to other formats as well, such as WMA or FLAC. Recording software can also be used. Playing the FLV file and then using the recording software to record the audio is also another method. However, other programs should be muted while going through such a process.

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