How To Use your Android Phone As a Wifi Hotspot For Internet?

It is really amazing that connect your android phone to the Internet via virtual Wi-Fi hotspots on our computer. Imaging that you and your friends are in a room or at a boring party without a wireless routers in sight, that is quite an Idle. At this time if you create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot on the laptop to enables everybody’s android phone can connect to the Internet, that will be very perfect for everyone. Below I will show readers a solution of how to turn the Windows 7 laptop into a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot.

android phone virtual hotspot

What is the Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Wi-Fi Hotspot is a free, open source software based router for PCs running Windows 7. Using Virtual Wi-Fi Hotspot, users can wirelessly share the internet connection with any device that equipped with Wi-Fi function just like  Laptop, Phone, Android device and Netbook, etc.)

Some Tools we need to create the virtual Wi-Fi hotspots: An Android smart phone, WlAN Card and a Windows 7 Laptop

Step 1: Search “CMD” in the start menu, find “CMD. Exe” and right click on the “run as administrator”. Type “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nice name key=sensible password” into the pop-up window and click “Enter”.

Step 2: Go and find the “Network and sharing centre” and “change adapter settings”. Then you will see a new connection that has Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter written underneath it.

Step 3: Go and find the Internet connection at the lower right corner of desktop. Click it and find “Properties”. Then click “sharing” to highlight the two options. Note: choose the “wireless network connection 2”, which under the “home network connection”.

Step 4: Now go back to the command prompt and type into the “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” command to open the virtual Wi-Fi hotspot. Then at this time the android phone can be connected to the virtual Wi-Fi. That’s all!

Once you got here, it believes that you have successfully created a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows 7 computer. Then find the android phone and search the Wi-Fi and connect your device to the Internet. Its as simple as that.

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