CES 2014 – What to Expect From Tech Giants’?

The CES 2014 is one of the most important tech events of the year. Las Vegas hosts another edition of the show of new technologies in which new home automation, generation televisions, mobile phones and all types of innovative electronic product is unveiled. With the first conference starting from this afternoon in Las Vegas, where companies present their innovations in TV technology and auto accessories.

The 2014 edition of the event will be held from 7th  –  10th Jan, although the first conference, open to the press only. On Tuesday, the CES opens its doors to the public. The CES is, without doubt, a spectacular event with 5,200 exhibitors, 35,000 trade visitors and 150,000 visitors.

CES 2014: So what can we expect from this year’s Event?

Smart Phones With Curved Display and 64 Bit Processors

Apple iPhone 5S marked the course with 64 bit processor which ended all other manufacturers follow its lead in 2014. So we will start seeing models with a 64 bit processors soon.  Smartphones with a 64 bit processor , uses the current software but promises higher performance and possibilities for the future. Also, a new trend has started with Android devices with larger screens, with more pixels and curves.

samsung curved smartphone

We already have LG and Sony models with curved screens, and more models are expected to hit the markets. Also the voice control features in smartphones is expected to be improved and become really intuitive. So smartphone fans will receive a fair share in the CES.

Era of Smart Home Appliances

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 is definitely one of the events marking the start of a new technological step each year. The U.S. city of Las Vegas welcomes this international fair in which companies present their new proposals on the environment of new technologies. In this issue the most important release is the ‘wearable technology’ with reference to devices like the Google Glass, the SmartWatch from LG and other home automation products in general, thanks to brands like Whirlpool, Cisco and Samsung.


3D technology never quite convince consumers so that major companies are betting everything on the Ultra HD 4K resolution televisions. Technology is beginning to lower their high prices and because there is a promise of a manufacturer to develop a UHD TV at a price of $ 1,000, which represents a third of the minimum last year. LG is going to present the first Ultra HD 105 inch curved television, which will be a eye catching product in the event.

Computers of All Kinds and For All Needs

PC manufacturers are preparing to present their latest and most powerful models. For example, these days it is common to see the birth of different laptops for gaming and for general use, from  companies like Dell with its powerful line Alienware , or Razer and MSI , all with graphics and processors of  latest generation.

Intel Haswell based computers will be one of the protagonists. During CES 2013, we saw the arrival of a host computer which tended to be convertible. This time, the trend seems to be portable and “all-in-one” with two operating systems . Lenovo is already ahead with a proposal that unifies Windows and Android on the same model. (of course, they are not been the first to launch a model of this type).


However, what makes us more attractive is the arrival of a new generation of laptops, all brands and features, either Windows, Linux or dual system,  with the processors like Intel Haswell, which promise great battery life, which is vital for many users in their work.

Smart Automobiles

With regard to automobiles, car manufacturing companies would release a new concept of “connected car” that integrates mobile devices with cars. So, Audi and Google may present their new work together(a vehicle that runs Android apps). Automakers would use the CES to unveil progress on their driver-less cars. Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Chevrolet are the top brands that will be present at CES 2014.


There will also be news related to the project OPENCAR related to open source systems that enable the development of software and gadgets that can be attached to vehicles. The idea of automakers is to harness the potential they have to offer all smartphone functions useful for the car, the car itself. 

So share your thoughts on how the CES 2014 will unravel the latest and greatest technology.


3 Responses

  1. Manufacturing new technology is a major way for the producer’s to set new variety. Creating new designs is one way to be competitive with the other company.

  2. I just can’t see why there are many individuals who are loving this curve designs. I don’t find it good for a gadget. It makes more slippy and bulky. A plain touch screen will always be my choice.

  3. Mike says:

    What is so special about these curved screens? I feel like for the phones it will make them bulkier and the TVs you’ll have to look straight on to get the only good angle.