5 Tips to Save Your iPhone Battery Running iOS 9

Apple released the new version of the mobile operating system iOS 9 in September, it includes some interesting developments focused on improving the user experience and lot of improvements to the battery life. While no significant changes can be made to battery capacity, users often have to resort to tricks to save on battery consumption of their phones. The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus will be released with the latest version of iOS 9.

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Here are some tips to extend the range of iPhone battery with iOS 9:

1. Turn on ‘Low power mode’

The ‘Low power mode’ incorporated in iOS 9 can extend battery life for up to 2 times your regular backup, according to Apple. This feature can be very useful in certain situations, but it also has some downsides, when this mode is activated, it stops automatic mail checking, restricts background applications, stops automatic downloads and also some visual effects is disabled. To activate the button you need to access Settings> Battery> Low power mode. The option also appears as a notification when the device is at 20% or less battery.

2. Control applications that use more battery

Apple added a tool in iOS 9 which shows applications that use more battery. Now, with the OS update this tool also shows the amount of time (not just the percentage) that the user spends on each application. Thus, as a user you can manage your applications that consume more energy and stop using those when you need to conserve battery power.

To access this function, go Settings> Battery> Battery use. Once on this page you need to select the clock icon (on the right).

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3. Manage the applications that access your location

Managing which applications uses the geolocation of the device not only serves to save battery power, but also the user will have a more precise privacy control. To access this function go-to Settings> Privacy> Location is a list of applications that use this service. It is advisable to disable as many applications that do not require access to GPS.

4. Switch off automatic downloads

Since the release of iOS 7 Apple have provided the option to enable automatic downloading of background applications so they are always on, this feature is present even the the new iOS 9. To extend the battery life it is recommended to disable this option (Settings> iTunes App Store> Updates) as well as automatic downloads of music and applications.

5. Lower the brightness and customize settings Accessibility

Having the screen brightness to maximum is bad for both battery consumption and also to your eyes. To adjust, you must go to Settings> Display and brightness or you can slide your finger up from the Home screen and access it from the Control Center of the device.

Furthermore, in the settings section of iOS 9 – Accessibility Settings> General there is full list of options that may be helpful when it comes to saving energy in those situations that the user really needs. Hope these tips, help to save some battery. You can but the new iPhone from the store below:

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    Keeping apps from running in the background automatically will help immensely.