3 Easy Tips To Efficiently Customize Your Android Device

Adding a personal touch to your Android device by revamping its complete look and feel as and when desired is one of the best thing of Android. Yes, you can enhance the visual appearance and functionality of your Smartphone in a desired fashion. The Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile platforms and offers an overwhelming list of applications in their stores, (Google Play and iTunes respectively). But, to reap the maximum benefits of these platforms, you will need to root your Android device and jailbreak the iOS  device.

cyanogenmod android

There are several frameworks and tools used for Android apps development services that can help achieve customization with great ease and proficiency. While limiting our discussion to the Android devices only, the Android launcher , Xposed framework (not compliant with the latest Android 5.0) and many more.

This article will offer you an insight into the various aspects involved in personalizing your device.

Here are certain essential terms associated with the Android devices that can help you better understand the guide.

  • ART (Android Runtime) – Google has completely replaced the Dalvik cache with ART in its latest offering Android L. It is responsible for enhancing the battery performance and several other updates.
  • Custom ROM – This is basically an upgraded version of Android OS that facilitates amazing capabilities with tweaks, distinct themes, better performance. Most importantly via custom ROM, users can use the latest or unreleased version of Android; it thus is perfect for those who can’t use a version update due to limitations implied by vendors.
  • Rooting – Rooting is a process of gaining admin permission on your device. After rooting, one gets complete access over the administration tasks and can modify the functioning of the device as per their choice. Once the rooting of a device is done, the warranty for that device will get vanished. It thus is advisable to handle the device with more care after rooting. However, with stock-ROM, you can revert the change and again attain the warranty.

Let’s ponder into the facets of customizing an Android device and learn a few tips.

1. Android Rooting

The rooting process is not the same for every device, thus it is quite hard to give a generic instruction to all. There are numerous reliable websites that offer genuine tutorials and worthy guides to accomplish the task with greater efficiency. Therefore referring the Internet is always a fabulous option, and the XDA developer site is the perfect place for that. It is recommended to run NANDroid backups of your devices, as this will help you restore your device back to the executable state.

android rootingAlternative to standard recovery is Custom Recovery Mode: Due to the limitations of the standard recovery mode, the custom recovery modes are in high demand. There are several recovery methods available out there like ClockworkMod Recovery, Team Win Recovery Project, etc. You can choose the one that best suits your needs

2. Custom ROM

With the advancement in technology, the custom ROM has dramatically improved. They are broadly categorized into four different versions. The versions are as follows.

custom rom android

a) Nighty This is referred to be an unstable version as it rapidly generated in every 24 hours

b) Milestone Snapshot – More stable than the Nighty version, this version refers to the state when the Nighty version reaches a specific milestone. They are updated within a few weeks or months

c) Release Candidate – The most recent builds just before the release of the stable version of a custom ROM

d) Stable – This very stable version is free from almost all the bugs, however some minor issues might still exist in it.

There are several Custom ROMs available out there. Here are the two most common and praised Custom ROM.

  • ParanoidAndroid This latest custom ROM features all the features of stock Android plus the amazing features include hover, peek and more.
  • CyanogenMod It delivers a fabulous performance with an enhanced interface and superior features. This is highly reliable and is a kind of improved version of the stock Android.

3. Getting Access To Better Applications

Rooting offers blissful features that are just ideal to deliver a remarkable user experience. Moreover, it also augments access to several incredible applications that are not accessible otherwise. After rooting you can even install apps that need to go deeper in the system. For instance, ROM Manager, Titanium Backup, Touch Control, and a lot more. You may use nay of them and seek other compatible apps, and reap the benefits of this powerful platform.

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Change the skin, wallpaper, themes, get access to enhanced applications and improve the capabilities of your devices’ system, all these by simply rooting your phone and making appropriate updates. Flaunt the new look and feel of your device as often as you want. However, it is imperative to follow the expert’s valuable assistance and guidance. Let us know in the comments below about the customizations that you make to your android device.

Author  Juana Steves is a veteran Android developer for Xicom Technologies – an app development services provider. In case you are looking forward to hire Android application developer, contact her for best assistance.