14 Must Have Extensions for Google Chrome (SEO Included)

Today’s article deals with extensions for Google Chrome, So if you use this browser read on: Right, that said let’s move to the question. Chrome extensions meet excellent functionality for us webmasters, bloggers, SEO, etc. They not only help us with many simple tasks, but also provide high quality information in a single click (for free). So, Today I bring some of the best  Google Chrome extensions that I use or have ever used for all kinds of Task. (not just related to SEO).

Extensions for SEO Analysis

SEO for Chrome : This extension provides basic SEO information like indexed pages, traffic rank, keywords, statistics of social actions, etc. It is very popular and competes with many others, so for the basic SEO you can trust this.

MozBar : This is one of my favorite. It not only analyzes the Google SERPs but offers useful data like authority, also includes complete analysis of onpage, offpage, backlinks, attributes, page elements. Almost everything. For me and for many a mandatory extension in Chrome.

SEO SERP : A pretty good extension to check the positions of different websites for a certain keyword. Includes many search engines and is really simple. It is good to be checking  the SERPs from time to time. Alternatively, if you do not like it, you can install SEO SERP Workbench.

PageRank Status : Another one for the list, and I also use. Give the pagerank of a website automatically and again offers many extra values ​​that occasionally you want to know: PageRank, AlexaRank, CompeteRank, QuantcastRank, return links, indexed pages, cached pages, social networks, Whois, IP Geolocation and more.

PageSpeed ​​Insights : Google extension to check the loading speed of your website. It not only gives you the load times, but it also suggests you need to optimize your page if needed and how. An indispensable onpage SEO tool.

Chrome Web Store

Extensions To Help You In Redundant Tasks

Fast Mass Pinger : Having to go to the pinging websites or having to open links on ping softwares can be a pain, especially when we want to ping reviews or other specific links. With this extension you can Ping any URL with one click.

Capture web pages :  I like this extension very much, when I want to see an overview of a website, either by design or simple curiosity, with this simple extension I can take a screenshot of a complete website from top to bottom and includes the end date of capture .

Eye Dropper : It is always essential to have a tool to detect colors, either as RGB Hex code, and this extension serves that function. When editing or designing a theme, for example, we use a lot of these tools.

Link Grabber : Super easy to pull out all the URL of a page extension. Do not give many clues, but with an extension like this, a website with links to many sites.  And a program like Xenu, they can do miracles.

Image Downloader : Similar to Capture webpages, but this time to view and download images.

User-Agent Switcher : This extension modifies the user-agent which helps us go through as a user who navigates from IE, Firefox, iPhone, Android, tablet, and even we can make simulate the spiders of Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Some other Useful Extensions

Note Anywhere : Simple and super addictive and useful. We can leave little notes on any website when we find them. I give you an example: I go to my favorite forum and I remember that before the end of the day I have to send a private message, so I make a note and I get to other things. When re-entering the forum note appears and I can return to that task. Ideal for taking notes of SEO, papers, future projects, etc.

StayFocusd : This one is really fun. We can include sites that we often lose a lot of time working (like Facebook or Youtube) and use them in a limited time, eg 1 hour. When you finish this time extension will not let us continue in such websites and therefore we will focus on our work. You will come to hate, evil and becomes inflexible, but helps you make better use of your time and, as its name says, stay focused on your work.

Final Words

That’s it!  For now. You should also keep in mind that having too many active extensions can slow down your browser, so it is best to have enabled when you need them the most used.

Another tip I would like to give you is to never install extensions on Chome that you find outside of Chrome Webstore. They can be harmful malware which can change your default browser, add pop ups and foul banners, etc, but this really is no big deal, because it solved by removing the extension. So download extensions only from Chome Webstore to be on the safer side.

Share you favorite extensions in the comments below. Happy Blogging!

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