10 Awesome Ad Blocking Mobile Apps to Remove Ads

Today, most of the mobile applications showcase Ads frequently that annoy the users and tend to create difficulty for them in using the app. In this circumstance, most of the users are not able to do the particular task with the help of applications and they have to uninstall that app, which leads to the wastage of time & money because while downloading the app they have to pay for the internet data. Sometimes, the malicious Ads collect all the data from the users’ smartphones and affect your privacy badly.

Many users think that there is no solution to block the mobile Ads, but this is not true. At present, there are various applications available that can help you block the Ads, so that you can easily use your app and do the imperative tasks. In order to help you, here is the list of 10 best Ad blocking mobile applications that can remove the Ads.

Let’s explore the list of the apps:

1. TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector is specially programmed to safeguard the smartphones from malicious Ads. This application provides the best protection against spyware, Trojans and malware. It is capable of identifying harmful Ads from around 100 mobile advertising networks. Moreover, it can locate your phone and delete all your personal data in your phone remotely, so that the unauthorized users cannot explore.

2. AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector can easily detect the elements that have the potential to harm the smartphone users. This app can help you remove the application, which supports the push notification and other elements that are not safe to use. It can easily tell the users about the ads network that are integrated with the apps, such as Ad Mob, ChartBoost and others. Moreover, it can also identify SDKs, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. AD Blocker & Notification Stop

AD Blocker & Notification Stop

AD Blocker & Notification Stop is a simple to use blocking apps that can block the notification due to the particular application. In this app, the users just need to select the app and press the Notification Blocker. This application does not block the Ads and it only stops the notification from the specified application.

4. AirPush Detector

AirPush Detector

The AirPush Detector is a powerful application with easy-to-use feature. This application can reduce the pop up. Moreover, it can help the users to detect and remove the apps that are the source of malicious and other Ads. By using this app, the users can boost their smartphone performance & use all the applications easily.

5. Ad Detector

Ad Detector

The Ad Detector is a superbly programmed app that scan every application on the phones and identify the apps that push notification Ads, which tend to create annoyance. There is a report feature that anyone can use to inform the developers, so that the programmers can easily improve the features of the application and provide a better user experience. Moreover, it does not access any confidential data from smartphone, hence the users do not need to worry.

6. AdWare


AdWare is an advanced mobile app that offers a complete protection against the adware and malicious Ads. This app can also help you find out the other apps in your phone that are the real cause of frequent Ads notification, so that you can uninstall those apps or install the alternative applications. Additionally, this can easily detect more than 30 Ad networks.

7. Easy Installer Ad Remover

Easy Installer Ad Remover

Easy Installer Ad Remover is powerful app that can automatically scan and remove the origin of Ads. It works faster and does not require any effort in order to control the app. After installing, the users just need to start the app and after a few seconds, they will get all the Ads blocked.

8. AdBlock Shooter

AdBlock Shooter

AdBlock Shooter is a game based application, where the users remove the Ads by just shooting at them. It comes with superb interface and is full of entertainment. Moreover, it allows the users to block only those Ads that they do not want to see on their screen.

9. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

The Adblock Plus is an advanced ad blocking application that not only blocks the Ads in web page, but also disables tracking features, so that no one can track the mobile users. In order to install this application for your Android phone, every person needs to make a change in configuration setting that is mentioned on the website.

10. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

The Lucky Patcher is a simple application that requires rooted android operating system to remove the Ads content from the specific application. Although there is requirement to configure this application, it works effectively.


Hopefully, now you can easily sort out the problem due to the Ads in the mobile application. Which app do you like the most, share with us. You can share other apps apart from the list.

Author Ashni Sharma is an Android Developer at AppsChopper. She is known as an expert, who provides innovative idea for the development and designing team. Her blogs are playing a key role in offering superb knowledge to the designing team. You can follow @Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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  1. Mat Chow says:

    This is such an informative post for web users who come across online Ads while browsing different sites. I knew about just AdBlock Plus, AdWare.
    Thanks for sharing such a long list of Ad blockers. This is really helpful. 🙂