How to Increase Your Facebook Experience by Identifying Spammers?


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that have made history in the social media industry. With billions of users worldwide, Facebook is a good place for spammers where to target victims with their notorious schemes of spreading malware and viruses across the social media networks. With the countless number of Facebook users that are benefiting the advantage of free apps to download and online gaming experience with a social value, they take the major hit list for spamming attacks. If you are one of these Facebook users who are susceptible as a spam target, you can use these strategies of identifying spammers in order to obtain a better and safer Facebook experience.

Logging in and out of your Facebook account

It is very careless for Facebook users not to sign out from their account after each and every time that they have access to it and to sign in once more when they need to access their account for another time. But it is a different thing whenever you are already logged in to your Facebook account and the moment that you have downloaded an application you are asked to sign in again, then you should identify that this is already a red flag for spamming.

The legitimate Facebook applications that you can download directly from the platform will usually ask you to grant permission to allow the app to access some of your account information but will not require you to sign back in. The moment that you have signed back in, spammers can now easily collect information about your log in and password details. In order to have a safe Facebook experience, it helps to be prudent enough to check the website URL from the address bar found on top of your browser and confirm if you are indeed on the official Facebook website.

Free Anti-virus banners

It is quite tricky in determining whether a free anti-virus banner that offers to scan your computer system for malware and viruses consists of spyware. Because many people want to keep their Facebook account protected and safe, they are very happy to instantly grab the free anti-virus scan banners that show up on their screen. Most spammers trick Facebook users by showing an urgent message that their account may be infected and with the sense of urgency in their message will cause Facebook users to click the anti-virus banner that is offering a solution to the problem. The moment spammers get through your account by giving them access when you clicked on the banner, you should expect unusual behavior in your Facebook activities. In case you want to ensure that your Facebook account is safe against spammers, the best remedy is to use only the trusted anti-virus and anti-malware programs that come from reliable sources.


When a bookmarklet appears on your wall asking you to copy and paste the short snippet of code provided to your browser’s address bar, you should be cautious in doing so as it might be a scheme of spammers. If you have executed the request then you are already giving spammers a way of accessing your computer cookies that store sensitive information involving your login and password on Facebook and on other sites.

Easy detection of spammers with Netspysoftware

In case that spamming is already taking place on your Facebook account or you are suspecting of its presence, you can make use of spy software like the Netspysoftware that allows you to closely monitor all of your social media accounts including Facebook remotely. You can review your Facebook activities using the spy software to evaluate any unusual events that are taking place like spamming more efficiently.

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