How to Get More Pinterest Followers?

The visual trends keep spreading through the web. And it’s no surprise that businesses widely use visual social platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest for promoting their products or services. It’s been said really a lot about promotion via Twitter and Facebook, but somehow Pinterest promotion is less commonly described.

But the problems that social media manager faces here are the same. How to increase the visibility and exposure of the brand using this social media? How to make people like and pin the images and make Pinterest promotion effective for the sales? Below you will find the answers to these questions.

getting followers on pinterest

  • Add the Follow button in the visible place on your site. Thus, you will drive the visitors to your pinterest page and increase its traffic and the number of potential followers.
  • Comment on popular pins in your niche. The more thoughtful or fun your comment is, the higher are the chances that those who read it will want to visit and check your page.
  • Interconnect all your social networking accounts. Thus, the users of one social networking site will be able to find and follow you on the others.
  • Add Pin It button to the images of your website. Make sure that the images are of a high quality! This can be of a very good service to you. People will add your images to their board and thus spread the information about you. And if you add your brand name on each picture, it will significantly increase your recognition.
  • Create more interesting boards and pin really a lot. When people find interesting images in your profile, they will wish to follow you.
  • Follow other brands, companies and specialists related to your field. Thus you will get the access to their followers, get the chance to network and establish valuable business connections.
  • Become a contributor to popular group boards. If you provide great images, people will follow you.
  • Always follow in return. If someone followed you, follow him too! It’s polite and shows your readiness to communicate.
  • Pin several times a day, in the different time. People use Pinterest when they find it convenient, so pinning in different time you will reach the different people and get more visibility than by making several pins one by one.
  • Repin and like the pins of the others. Find some time not only to pin by your own, but also to interact with the others, like someone’s pin or even make a repost. I’m not saying you should spend days doing this. But when you don’t, it shows you’re too selfish and turns the people away from your page.

Be communicative, provide your readers with the interesting content and the people will follow you immediately!

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  1. Anuj thakur says:

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  2. Rajkumar says:

    Hi Bhaskar,
    Every bloggers want to get traffic from Social Media, Pinterest is my first choice to get more traffice, Thank you for sharing