Facebook Profile – Do You Really Know What You Share and Who Sees Your Updates?


Facebook is an open social network, where people who know personally (sometimes even un-known) can connect with each other socially and be in touch. It has brought some noticeable changes in our lives, so much so that when we realize: wham! it has made ​​a change that leaves an everlasting impression.

First of all, did you know that Facebook friends of your friends are your friends too? Yes, what a mess … When we share an update we get an option to choose the update as, private, public, friends, acquaintances or friends except customized. So far so good, but there is also an option called “friends of friends”.

Practically speaking, this translates to a large network where our content are being shared too, if a friend gives a like on my status, people who are on my friends list who are not my friends can see the post. 

Although privacy settings are in place, it sometimes doesn’t make sense. Moreover, changes in privacy setting are not retroactive, and still do not apply to all, as for example by updating the profile picture.

To know what we are sharing with all our Facebook friends, we will have to look at our profile and find out. Another option is to go to “privacy settings” – “Timeline and Tagging Settings.” There we will find “who can see things on my time line”, And within it ” Review what other people see in your timeline . ” Option.


In addition it is increasingly common for people to ask for authorization before being tagged in a post or photo, for obvious reasons.

We must beware the Facebook changes , as I said it is intended to be an open social network and in the process our privacy is compromised. Without us knowing it could be sharing personal info, photos of children or nephews, things that we engage etc.

But then, at the end we are solely responsible for what we share . The best option would be to create groups of friends and choose who can see your updates, depending on the content type. You still have risks, but at least you would reduce the scope for expansion. 

In conclusion, I just like Facebook and share content with my close circles that could make my social life colorful. Share your updates with care and don’t let your privacy in the hands of someone unknown. 

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