Don’t Go To Facebook Jail

How many of your friends have told you that they are in “Facebook jail”? Probably quite a few and you probably didn’t know that there was such a thing as this. While the jail isn’t a real place obviously, it can be a pain when you have inadvertently violated a policy that puts you there. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can get around these issues while still having a great time on the site. One of the issues is that Facebook sees itself as a social network but sometimes it’s not very social when it comes to certain issues.


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What is Facebook Jail?

If you do anything to violate the policy of Facebook you can end up having some pretty nasty repercussions. Some of the things that can happen when make the mistake of policy errors you can actually be prevented from sending friend requests. You can also be blocked from sending messages to those who are not on your friend’s list, your account can be blocked from new friend requests and as a worst case scenario your account can actually be deactivated by Facebook. So, while Facebook jail is not a real place, it can certainly feel like jail when you get into any kind of trouble on the site.

Watch How Many Friends You Request at One Time

Facebook is watching how many friends you request over a certain period of time. If this number is too high, you can actually be blocked for a couple of weeks to a couple of months from adding new friends. Many people have said that this is a bad rule because of the social aspect of the site. However, Facebook does this for the protection of the users. It keeps companies who have an account, rather than a business page, from spamming users. If you need to have your friend count higher, then you can always buy them and then work slowly at gaining new and legitimate friends. This does not go against the Facebook policies and you won’t get into any trouble.

Your Profile Picture and Cover Photo Matters

You want people to easily recognize who you are so don’t use abstract photos for either your profile or your Facebook cover. This is true in particular for those who are attempting to make new friends out of strangers. If you don’t have a good photo, then people can think that you are just some weirdo who is trying to be your friend when they don’t even know you. Just think about it like this, would start talking to a total stranger who walked up to you in a ski mask and trench coat? A strange profile picture is the social media version of this so make sure yours is personable and shows who you are as a person or business.

While using the term “Facebook jail” is really tongue in cheek humor, for those who have their accounts blocked it is a very real place. If you follow the tips above you should have no problem sticking to policies while still being able to be social on this social network.

Author Chris Digs is considered an expert on Facebook and their policies and writes a blog to help people better use the site.

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  1. I wanted to include my own 2 cents into the mix by saying I agree with you on lots of ideas you’ve here. You actually are very wise as well as a great author.