8 Vital Tenets of Social Media Marketing

Exploring the marketing capabilities of social media can be beneficial to your audience and customer pool. However, social media have their rules, and failing to play by those can make the whole experience frustrating. It is absolutely essential that you are with terms with these fundamental laws of social media marketing, which vary from increasing the number of posts to focusing on quality of your content.

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1. Accessibility

You should provide a constant flow of amazing texts and posts. Don’t publish your content in batches and then disappear for a week. The audience needs to be kept engaged. Also, you should be available to your audience. Never fail to participate in conversations and respond to their questions promptly. Online followers have little patience and they won’t go back to you if you are not around all the time.

2. Compounding

Interesting, well-written content will inevitably get shared across the media, with your followers spreading the good word with their connections on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and possibly their own blogs. This sharing expands the entry points for your keywords in search engines, which than creates numbers of new ways in which you can reach to more people online.

3. Focusing

A specialized and highly-focused social media campaign is more likely to bear fruit than a broad approach that diversifies the brand and tries to cater to all tastes. A Jack of all trades is a master of none. In order to lead successful content marketing campaigns you can always hire professionals like this advertising agency from Melbourne.

4. Influence

It pays off to scout the online community for persons of influence, who have developed quality audiences and are likely to be interested in your products or services. Invest into connecting with those people and be their source of quality information which they can share among their audience together with your desired content.

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5. Listening

It’s often said that social media marketing is more about listening than talking. By following your audience online content and engaging into discussions you can get an insight what services or products do they value, and why. In this way, you can get on top of the things and contribute with posts which will bear weight and value to the audience and not only spam.

6. Patience

Social media marketing is a field where results come over time. If you want to see results, be prepared to invest time and commitment into content building and audience relations.

7. Quality

It is always better to maintain 500 or 1,000 online connections who are tackling the topics and actively engaging into conversation and sharing than tens of thousands who connect once and never surface again. Quality always beats quantity.

8. Value

People are fed up with spam. If your online marketing strategy is to bombard your audience with ads and discounts they will eventually stop following you. Your conversation with the listeners must bring value to them. Concentrate more on giving them interesting content and nurturing relationships with influencers. Over time, you’ll reach a point where you won’t have to promote your business directly. Your influencers will become the key points of your social media marketing.

Author Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a co-author on several technology websites.

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