2 Simple Tips To Do Facebook Marketing For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day usually records one of the highest sales throughout the year. People like to show their love, and your business can help them do that. But how will they know what your business has to offer? Take your offer and promotions to them with these 2 simple Facebook marketing tips for Valentine’s day.

1. Look good with perfect designs

Images have a great impact on your audience. Before they read, they’ll see, and if they don’t like what they see, they won’t bother to read ahead. So, get these few images designed well in advance and approved by your client (if you’re a community manager at an agency) to woo your fans this Valentine’s Day:

facebook valentines day

i. Cover image – ensure that the dimensions are perfect and the only rule of 20% text is met. You can check if your cover image is perfect on the Facebook Image Overlay Grid. Your cover image could be used to simply wish the fans a very happy valentine’s day or to promote any activity you are running or planning to run for the special day.

ii. Pinned post – 403 x 403 pixels in dimension, this will be the foremost post anyone will see on your page. It has to be attractive and it should talk about your contest or offer (if any).

iii. Promotional post – While sponsored posts are now coming to an end on April 9. You can still use them until Valentine’s day! Again – make sure you check the images on facebook image grid, as the 20% rule holds for all ad images.

iv. Stamp ads – Get atleast 3 versions of stamp ads prepared. Keep them with minimal text and preferably only graphic with your message. Also give each version different colour combination to see which ad can work better to promote your Valentine’s day offer, contest or activity.

v. Status update images – As we all know that status updates with images receive a better response from the fans than any other form of update, so make sure you get branded images ready for your status updates for Valentine’s day. As a tip – make sure you add your brand or business’s name at the bottom of the image – just don’t make it too obvious. You can get box images and highlight images prepared for the same.

vi. Brand values – Use your brand’s font in the images, you can play with font for content, but the name of the business/brand should be in the official font. Maintain a balance between the colours of your brand and valentine’s day – for eg: valentine’s day image can not be blue! But, it can probably have a blue font on it or a unique blue icon that identifies with your brand.

2. Share the love

Engage your fans with all the love in the air. Giveaway coupons, offers or prizes for couple activities or lunches/dinners with simple Group Deal or reward them for their interaction with your website using Instant Reward Facebook Apps. You can use social commerce Facebook apps to engage the target audience for participating or interacting with your Facebook page and receiving awesome prizes in return.

You could also run a simple Timeline contest asking your fans to make you their Valentine! Ask them to share on your status update why they “Love” your brand and to get maximum Likes. You can check out some ideas to run Valentine’s Day contests on Facebook as well.

Author Ritika Verma is a Social Media Manager with Apps Mav – a Maverick Mav agency that specializes in Facebook Apps and Social Media Management. You can get in touch with us @AppsMav to help you with Facebook campaign management.

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  2. Your post is looking great with awesome information. Facebook is the world’s fastest social media to share our market. Your tips are useful and helpful. By using Facebook Marketing we can share any thing. And I agree that images have a great impact on your audience. Thanks for your post.