What Makes your Blog/Writing Special?

A blog becomes successful when it has huge number of page views and good comments. Blogging is a skill which needs to be mastered in order to attract huge traffic on the site. Writing blogs can be a challenging task as in what to write, how to write, who would the blogs appeal the most etc. Once you start writing, the biggest question is the maintenance of the blog, regular updating of the blog and increasing the page views of it. Blogging would make the blogger immensely popular given the blogs are so interesting to read.

1. A blogger, at the outset, has to have a focus on the blog he or she is going to write. The target readers have to be kept in mind for which the blogs are being written. Once the issue of the target readers is settled, the blogger has to decide on a category his or her blogs would fall under.

2. A blogger has to write blogs in such a way that the writings should have a touch of the blogger’s personality. The readers should get to know the blogger by reading the blogs. The blogger has to be his own normal self-propagating his own points of view. The blogs should be clearly demonstrating the blogger’s voice. In other words, you are the spokesman of your blogs.


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3. Another requirement of blogging is that blog posts should have links to other blogs or websites. The links may either direct a reader to other blogs or websites containing great information or past posts on the same site. These links help to increase the clicks and the ranking of your blog or site on the search engine rankings.

4. The target readers do get an idea of the blogger’s perceptions and information from the blogs, but they would be very much delighted in case they are treated with some visual stimuli. Visual aids always enhance the learning process. Images on blogs would add to the effect of the blog and increase the popularity of the blog too.

5. Blogs do receive comments by the readers. It is the greatest responsibility of a blogger to respond to all those comments in a positive way. Writing comments and responding to them is the way to connect with people all over the world through the virtual means of communication. A blogger gets immensely popular through these comments on blog posts.

6. Bloggers should not withdraw themselves from connecting to social media to tout their posts. The sole responsibility of a blogger is to make potential readers easily reach his or her posts.

While writing blogs, a blogger should not set unrealistic, improbable goals in the blog posts. It is not necessary that you write blogs every day. You are the best judge of your own personality. You know your capabilities and convenience very well. Initially your blogs may be a little infrequent, but as you get a hold on the process of writing blogs, you will write more frequently. There is no hard and fast rule about the length of a blog. Blogs need not always be very brief. When the blogger has something to say, he had better say it. Blogs should just flow out of a writer ideally speaking. Bloggers should not just limit themselves, when they think the time is right, they should go long too.

Readers of blogs generally would not be too strict and rigid readers. Take for example; a blogger commits some grammatical mistakes while writing. They need not be noticed by the readers always. Readers could be slightly lenient towards grammatical mistakes and typographical errors. But the blogger must correct such mistakes on spotting them. As far as possible the bloggers should avoid expressing personal grievances and dislikes. They should rather be positive in outlook in writing blog posts. Blogs should contain small paragraphs. Reading long paragraphs virtually is a tough task for the readers. Shorter paragraphs with sub heads or bullet points would ensure better comprehension among readers.

It is not advisable to try new things as soon as you begin writing blogs. Give the process of blogging some time and let it take its own course of development. Things will definitely evolve themselves. In order to set a blog up one has to do only two things:-

  1. One has to sign up for a web hosting and choose a domain name.
  2. One has to use Word Press to create one’s blog.

The most important part of a blog is what you have to say and how you say it. People will turn to your blog if they like what you say and the way you say it. This is why the skills of writing blogs has to be mastered and well written blogs open great windows of success.

Author Christy Nelsen is a blogger and enjoys writing about blogging tips topics. And for the past several years, concentrated on academic writing for students who require top-quality articles to accomplish their assignments and other projects. Many students order writing essays from him.

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