Apple iPhone 6 Could Get Two Screen Sizes And iOS8

Each time Apple introduces a new iPhone model it only takes a couple of months for the next release rumors begin to emerge. Apparently Apple is testing prototypes with screens of 4.7 and 5.7 inches. A larger panel would require completely redesigning iOS, hence the possible launch with iOS 8.

If Apple continues its usual launch pattern, the iPhone 6 will not go on sale until 3rd quarter of 2014. There are still few months, so rumors will not last long. According to GsmArena, the production (Foxconn insiders) of the iPhone 6 in factories will be divided into two different products, because there will be two models with two different screens, 4.7 and 5.7 inches, respectively. Even beeing tested with larger screens.

apple iphone  6 screen

It also ensures that all versions will have at least one scanner measuring either the fingerprint reader, and or a retinal scan. Larger screens would force a redesign of the iOS operating system, so it’s likely that the iPhone 6 will present a new iOS in August , or a variant of iOS exclusive 7 for new sizes screen. The smaller model would be aimed at competing with the smartphone models that are becoming larger in display , a feature that has proven its popularity in overall demand from users.

The larger device would compete with phablets , although they are somewhere between smartphones and small tablets, there are users who prefer it combines the functions of a large screen with wireless connectivity.

This information, though it might be reliable, comes with many months in advance in relation to the time in which Apple could launch its new smartphone (September or October) so there is a chance that things will change as time passes. However, the company must continue to find ways to keep renewing its product line, so a jump in the traditional iPhone could happen this year. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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