My Thoughts About TATA Aria SUV

TATA’s new Aria crossover, is a big seven-seater developed on the basis of an SUV. TATA has been working very hard over the past few years to create its best flagship vehicle.

Aria is a very important product for TATA , not only for the sales that they make in India. Also for their performance in the demanding European market. The truth is that this model represents a quantum leap in the TATA products known so far. Its idea is to offer the comfort of a sedan with the muscle of an SUV, all with a wide wrap minivan with seven seats.

tata aria

Aesthetically it has very modern lines so that we can talk to certain European influences. Visually the car may seem low, but it is 1.78 meters in height which you cannot exactly qualify as small, the designers have done a great job to disguise its size.

The two tail pipes featuring elliptical touch of aggressiveness to a rear that propounds the resemblance to the vertical LEDs, in TATA Vista.

Models and versions

The Aria 4×2  is available with a  2.2 liter 4 cylinder common rail unit rated diesel engine at 138 BHP (4,000 rpm) and 320 Nm of torque (1,700 – 2,700 rpm). And there are 4 variants currently with prices ranging from ₹9 lakhs – ₹17 lakhs. Tata is also going to launch two new variants of Aria in which one will be an Automatic transmission.


It is clearly seen that TATA has taken a step forward in designing Aria’s interiors compared to previous products. The designs are becoming more modern, ergonomic and functional, but still have much ground to make up and improve. The front seats lack lateral support but are comfortable. The upholstery has an ergonomic design and the fabrics are of good quality, something commendable when compared to other cars.

tata aria interiors

The central armrest sometimes might annoy the driver when using the gear lever, so it is best to fold up , to be divided into two, the passenger can have their own armrest without disturbing the driver.

The feel of the gear lever is not too soft, but it is very accurate. Just sit and drive the vehicle, and you will feel the power of a SUV. The steering wheel is not adjustable (only tilt adjustable) which reduces the options for the driver. It also incorporates some controls (multi function steering wheel), to control the audio equipment and to answer the phone or activate / deactivate the cruise which is great until it gets dark. Because, the steering buttons are not illuminated at night, which makes it disappear completely and it is practically impossible to guess what function each button is.

tata aria steering

The dashboard has a simple and clear design, data from the on-board computer are represented with a digital interface. Odometer, fuel consumption, etc are displayed on the digital interface.

tata aria suv dashboard

The materials are generally good, but there are some hard plastic to some parts like the lid of the glove compartment, that do not fit neatly into the ends to close.

aria dashboard

The vehicle has USB outlets, auxiliary and Bluetooth plugins. The audio system has two slots, the first up is for the navigation system and the second located below to play audio (or MP3).

TATA Aria Image Gallery

Aria can carry seven passengers, five adults and two children. The two front seats are suitable for any size people, middle row can accommodate three adults because they have enough leg room. Finally the third row of two seats , could even serve for two adults but only when the middle row, is moved forward a bit. In this case the passengers in the second row would no longer have room for the legs and the third, although they could make a short, neither would travel quite comfortable. So the most logical plan is to have five adults and two children in the third row.


This car can definitely provide you the luxury you ever wanted both inside and out. The size of the car is 4780 mm long and 1895 mm wide. It has got a nice ground clearance of 200 mm, which is a big advantage for Indian roads with lot of potholes and stuffs. The car has got auto projected headlamps, fog lamps, auto wipers and a key less entry option too.

tata aria exterior

The wheels are 17″ in diameter and the spare wheel is placed outside, under the trunk floor, contrary to where it is usually present in other models.

On the Road

The Aria is a comfortable on-road vehicle and although there is a slight imperfect movement in some bad road conditions. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Toyota Innova. The steering, once again, feels solid, absorbs very deep potholes that are barely flinching and is quite comfortable on long trips. The noise is a bit high as we increase the speed, at the same time the vibrations do not bother us. The engine responds well, the turbo mill inside the Aria comes to our aid and pushes the 2,700 kgs of Aria with reasonable promptness.

The turning radius is great according to the size of the Aria, which 5.6 meters. The fact is that in delicate maneuvers such as parking in crowded space, the help of the rear camera is great. The camera display does not have much definition, or virtual support like other European and Japanese vehicles, but does the job and exits gracefully without letting us touching other vehicles.

The rear suspension in Aria is formed by a rigid shaft,which seems a bit uncomfortable for passengers but this is a suspension type most commonly used on all vehicles


Most SUVs don’t have much interior space and trunk space when compared to TATA Aria.  In short if we want a seven seater SUV the logical choice is the Innova. But again Aria has its own advantages when compared to other SUVs of its class and it can be a pretty reasonable option to buy, since it is very economical and with the latest improvements in quality incorporated by TATA you can’t go wrong if you choose it.

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