7 Tips To Get Roll Up Banner Stands Right!

When you’re setting up a company kiosk in an exhibition, the roll up banner stands will be your best friend. They’re a good way of attracting and engaging audiences to communicate core business messages, provided you have designed them thoughtfully.

Roll up banner stands are easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use, preferred universally for their versatility. Here are 7 tips to make sure you’re designing the perfect winner.

  1. Captivating

This is given for all marketing collateral – it needs to be captivating. There’s no point in highlighting the company name or the logo if your banner lacks what it takes to turn heads. Use the space wisely and always put the roll up banner stand at eye level for visual clarity.

The message on your banner should be short, concise and effective. Use creative headlines and graphical content to capture attention. You don’t want your audiences second-guessing what you’re trying to convey through your banners.

Roll Up Banner Stands

  1. Interactive

Help your audiences to connect with your message. Give them a reason to smile and remember your banner (and hence your brand) in a good way. Craft funny and witty messages that are engaging! Even having a sunset on your banner is likely to bring up something good in people’s minds. This is the connection you should be aiming for. As soon as your target audience connects with the message, they’re more likely to respond to it in a manner that you’re looking for.

  1. Graphical

This is the graphical age. One can simply not undermine the importance of visual content anymore. Not only it has a higher recall, but also is more successful in attracting attention. Always use high-quality and high-definition images in your banners, preferably shot by a professional photographer. If this isn’t possible, go for 300dpi, CMYK, print-ready images that won’t pixelate. Never pull an image directly from a website and use it in your design. Most web-based graphics are poor quality and RGB, which yields poor result in print. Make sure your visual content is by far the strongest point of your banner design.

  1. Less Text-Intensive

Keep the text short and sweet. Your audience will probably not read entire paragraphs. Limit the text to a bold headline, a catchy phrase, or the bare essential that you need to communicate. The less text-intensive your banner is, the better it is.

Roll Up Banner Stands

  1. Logo

Always remember to include your company’s brand marks, AKA the logo. The top-right and top-left corners of your banner provide an ideal place. It is in plain sight, prominent, at eye-level, difficult to miss, and yet very subtle. It’ll reinforce the brand image without nagging the viewer.

  1. Colors

Colors play an important role in determining visual appeal. Ideally, the industrial best practices dictate that your banner’s theme should complement your logo. Pick the colors that most resonate with your brand identity and use them across your canvas. Make sure you’re not picking contradictory colors. Also, if you’re putting up some text, make sure it is readable even at a distance. Your choice of colors should not diminish the readability of your roll up banner stand.

  1. Contact Information

Last but not the least; you need to include contact information for those who’d like to get in touch personally after the event. Given the limited time and the number of people present at the exhibition, you’ll probably not be able to get around to everyone. Having contact details on your roll up banner stand ensures your potential clients are able to connect with you anytime they wish to.

Getting your roll up banner stands right is the key to representing your business in the right light. And when it’s about making the right impression, always trust reputed printing and designing services. Consult Where the Trade Buys for professional excellence.

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