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Airsoft toy guns are a rage these days but knowing which gun to buy is an art not everyone has mastered. Everyone wants these guns to play with because they are so close to the real one in the way they look (not function mind you). It is almost like playing with a real gun only that you are not allowed to play with a real one but with these guns you can make your own game and play endlessly. It is not just knowing how to buy a gun but also the ‘where’ that is important. You may find some excellent offers at online stores like the Airsoft Megastore and the like.

AirsoftVisiting a site alone will not work for you. To be able to get a proper feel of the game you need to find the right kind of gun. So here is a list of the most talked about guns that you may choose from:

1. The SoftAir Kalishinov AK-47: This is one special gun and weighs about 7lbs and can fires close to 380 FPS. It is a beauty to look at and has an impressive magazine capacity of 550 BB’s. This gun has an excellent rifle and comes with a sling that you can use to hand from your shoulder making you look like a real soldier. It has a very powerful battery life and is priced quite reasonably at about $150 approximately.

2. The UTG Accushot Sniper Rifle: The Type 96 Shadow is an excellent sniper rifle with specs that will blow you out of your mind. It has a spring powered rifle that shoots 480 FPS and carries a remarkable 23 magazine rounds. It weighs close to 9lbs and you may find it a little heavy. However, the good side is that since it is a sniper gun you do not need to carry it around too much as you would be stationed at one place mostly if you are playing a sniper game. In fact, a lot of players have said that the weight adds to the credibility of a game as it helps get accurate targets. If you check its online reviews you will find amazing details and talks about this sniper gun. In fact, a lot of online stores may also offer some kind of deal on this from time to time. You may find similar coupons like the Airsoft Megastore coupon and find some great deals.

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3. The Jing Gong G608: This may be a very good choice for those of you who are keen on some close quarter war games. This gun can hold about 400 BB’s and can fire almost 350 FPS. This is a perfect gun for close-quarter battles and to assist in this, it has been made as a light-weight gun that weighs about 6.5lbs and is extremely durable too. It is also reasonably priced at $150 approximately.

4. The Heckler & Koch USP: This is a semi-auto gun powered by gas and carries about 16 rounds. This gun is popular for shooting 300 FPS and is very light-weight at 2lbs. It does have similarity in looks to a real gun and is also a semi-automatic and has a safety switch which is quite user-friendly.

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  1. drew says:

    I’ve played with the AK and the feeling it’s quite nice, i think if it were a little heavier it would be better

  2. Laser Guns says:

    Amazing toy gun i like to play gun while i was young untill now.

  3. mike says:

    Can you review glock 18c? Thank you very much for the content.

  4. Hungry Hunter says:

    Wow……these are really great. Wnt to buy one for my kids. Thanks a lot for sharing.