5 Amazing Gaming Tips That Actually Work


Every gamer knows that a tiny bit of system lag makes all the difference in getting that vital headshot. When your gaming desktop is all shiny and new, everything is as fast and responsive as you want it to be. However, as years pass and files pile up, your desktop will start slowing down.

You don’t have to settle for a sluggish gaming desktop. Here are some cool and simple hacks that will speed up your gaming equipment without you needing to compromise your gaming experience.

1. Take Control of Which Application Automatically Launches When You Start Up

When the computer is turned on, Windows will automatically start some applications and other utility programs. The purpose of this action is for these apps to be ready while your Windows loads. However, the side effect of this process is that every app will start at the same time. This will result in a slower boot-up process.

To manage which programs to load up with your operating system, you will have to go to the Task Manager menu. Once in the menu, you can select Disable for the applications that you don’t want to load when you start your computer. Words of advice though: choose to disable only the programs that you know you will not need right away. You can always manually turn them on when you need them.

Programs that are loading up at the same time during the system’s launch are not the only reasons that your PC’s speed is bogging down. A hard drive with low space will also result in low speed.

2. Periodically Scan, Fix, Clean, and Free Up Space in Your Hard Drive Storage

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A hard drive with more space will allow your operating systems to run faster. It will let the software store temporary data for more flexibility. You will notice when your hard drive is running low on space because it will result in the overall slowing down of your computer. That is why it is highly advisable that you regularly check and delete old files that you consider unusable.

If you are using Windows 10, you are lucky because it features a breakdown of your disk space on a convenient screen. This way you use the information-cleanup files that you no longer use. Or you can also use the “storage sense” feature. You can automatically clean your hard drive with this feature. Just make sure you back up important files first.

3. Overclocking the Graphics Card Will Optimize Your PC’s Gaming Performance

This step allows you to force out more performance from your video graphics card. There are helpful tools for AMD and Nvidia GPUs available to help you out.

However, overclocking your graphics card uses more electricity. This will lead to heat and power problems. Also, regularly cleaning your desktop to remove dust and dirt will help a lot in keeping the temperature down.

4. Monitor Your Registry, and Clean Out Programs That Are No Longer in Use

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The Windows registry is typically hidden from the users. The registry covers every little thing on your desktop, from menu buttons to other vital files. Due to its complexity, it is advised to ask for help from a computer expert.

A professional can clean your registry and make sure it is running only the programs that are important to you. However, you can find free software to help you do this. One of the best free programs available is the CCleaner, which you can use to scan your registry for problems. This application can fix most of the errors and get your desktop to run smoother.

5. Get the Latest DirectX Version

DirectX is an essential collection of software tools that speed up the graphics in video games. There have been many iterations of the software over the years, and the latest is DirectX12. To check the version you currently have, you have to press WIN + R. This will open the Run menu, then you have to type “dxdiag.” The DirectX Diagnostic tool will open. Your next move will be to open the Render tab. Here you will see which DirectX version your desktop is using.

Aside from updating the graphics drivers, you should also keep your audio drivers up-to-date for a full gaming experience.

These tricks and hacks are simple yet useful. However, learning them can take time and patience. Try them and you will be surprised to find them working like magic.

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5 Amazing Gaming Tips That Actually Work
Here are some cool and simple hacks that will speed up your gaming equipment without you needing to compromise your gaming experience.
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