10 Best Android Games to Kill Your Time

Nowadays, you can utilize your cell phone for pretty much everything. There are Android applications for accomplishing things, for doing your office work, and for foreseeing the climate. You can even document your assessments. Anyway, suppose it is possible that you would prefer not to do any of those things. Imagine a scenario in which, as opposed to being profitable, you’d rather squander a couple of minutes, race a couple laps, or kill a couple of winged serpents. For that, you need games, and for you, we have a rundown of our top choices.

This is in no way, shape or form a far reaching or complete overview of Android games. A commercial center as boundless and lively as Google Play has something for everybody tabletop games, word recreations, shooters, racers, runners, and even dream test RPGs. We’ve got a couple of superior titles that will shock your eyes and channel your battery. We’ve likewise got a considerable measure of littler, less difficult games that are ideal for simply killing time and possessing your psyche. There’s additionally titles intended to test your minds, and a few weirdo’s to keep things intriguing.


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So here are a few awesome Android Games:


In the event that you like obnoxious riddle games that look like chafing schematics, then you’ll cherish Lyne. It’s misleadingly basic, and the difficulty level increases rapidly. This amusement has several levels, and discharges new sets day by day so you’ll never be without a riddle.

Crazy Taxi:

You’ll swoon with bliss playing Crazy Taxi, a port of the support excellent for Android. Try not to spring for the advertisement baffled redoes stay with the first instead.

Disco Zoo:

From the inventor of Tiny Tower comes another game you won’t have the capacity to put down.

Marvel Contest of Champion:

This one-on-one battling game is greatly awesome, additionally quick paced and fun!

Trivia Crack:

Play against your companions with the amusement that conspicuously displays its addictive properties in the title. Answer MCQ’s in the regions of Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports, and History. Be terribly humiliated when you come up short.


It would be hard to downplay the significance of Minecraft in the realm of gaming today, on top of that you can experience it on your mobile in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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Monument Valley:

In this thoughtful puzzler, you’ll need to utilize optical illusions to finish every beautiful level. Reflective, puzzling, and charming, it’s an absolute necessity to play this Android game.

The Banner Saga:

This strategic, game was a hit and at last touched base on Android. Lead your gathering of Vikings through a stunning, mythic world and weave your own particular fanciful story. In spite of the fact that the price is soak, the prizes are advantageous. One can check CashKaro.com to have a look on all online shopping sites offering good discount on phones to run any of these app.

Ridiculous Fishing:

Attempt to snare the same number of fishes as you can before they’re all hurled noticeable all around. At that point toss aside your pole and reel and haul out your weapon. The franticness doesn’t stop there in this funny, peculiar game which is really an absurd way of fishing.

The Simpsons:

A long way from being horrid money in, this game is a splendid, ironical spectation at easygoing gaming and the cartoon which produced it. Its stuffed with chances to spend genuine cash, yet its generally with a wink and a poke. The best parts of this game are effectively the enormous occasions that totally mod Springfield and its natives.

6 Responses

  1. Jojo Ford says:

    I really like to kill my time with games like minecraft or the simpsons, i think that these games are really good! 😀

  2. Even if Minecraft is very hated by so-called gamers, i think that this game is really cool and The Pocked Edition for mobile is very interesting and well built. I’m happy that this legendary game is on your list 🙂 Good list!

  3. Minecraft Is my favorite game I always use to play it Now a days I’m Playing HAY DAY on my smart phone

  4. Game Killer says:

    Great post indeed!

    I play mortal combat most of the times, thanks for the other games as well. I’ll surely give them a shot Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ethan says:

    yes you are right games person really addict from that and these games most of i am also liked and played more than 2 hours day so interesting and addictive

  6. Worli says:

    Great List!

    Monument Valley is really nice game. It is a delicate and a beautiful arcade adventure game that features the attempts of a beautiful princess to explore monuments. It has been crafted carefully, thoughtfully, and the experience throughout is reflective.