Using Google Analytics To Create Killer Content

Marketing is all about analyzing the need and mood of the consumers and put the data to proper use. Traditionally, it was given to experts in marketing technology to instruct and guide you. Data-driven tools like Google Analytics are the best bet these days to sell online. It is the content in your webpage that is going to not only attract visitors but keep them there for a while and make them come back for more now and then. The three core points in any marketing campaign are brand awareness, customer retention and lead generation. Google Analytics can come to your aid in achieving all the three.



Brand Awareness

A new product launch, a new service to offer or enhancement of an existing business can all use “Traffic Sources” and “Organic Search” to find out the top search terms pertaining to your topic.  Now go to work to include the search terms in your landing page o blog. Google’s Keyword Planner can invite a wider audience by revealing related words. Use them to you advantage.

Customer Retention

A visitor comes to your site to seek information about what you have to offer, to compare your wares with some others’ or to contact you. If you gather the information the visitors have given you, you will be able to make out the nature of their visit. This falls under search marketing nyc-seo. You can find out the next site a visitor had gone to after exiting yours and possibly pinpoint the reason why left yours. Make amends to include what is in the site in your site.  For example, make your FAQ page friendly to potential customers if that is what he is looking for in other sites.

Lead Generation

You can drive more leads either to help your store front or directly from your site. Organic Search allows you to couple the results with details about your visitors.  You can plan on future visiting population by determining the visitors up to now: Their age, sex, location and their browsing preferences.  You can create landing pages with the information from Organic Search so as to bring more traffic from the same demographic groups.  A call To Action provision is always good because it encourages an immediate purchase.

Keep Abreast

You can see from above that though you have been filling your site with rich content, you either had less number of visitors or the visits did no bear fruits. It is using the free tools on offer by Google that would get you more and more visitors. The official Google Analytics blog has a wealth of information on how you can enhance the visibility of your website or blog. You can glean out the information that possibly can help you get up a site that brings visitors in droves and business in high volumes.

Even if you had followed the instructions above to the T, you must always be on the lookout for the new Google tools that help build a loyal following who will either make purchases themselves or encourage their friends and relatives to do it.

Author Stella Kessler manages online reputation and drafts strategies for reputation restore repwall. She also consults as a copyeditor for convening and executing these campaigns.