5 Things To Consider When Hiring a Web Development Firm

A business website is as essential as a business card. The website serves as the face of the business to existing and potential customers. It is imperative that the website is designed to portray the essence of the business and the products or services offered. The firm you hire should be able to understand your business and your requirements so that the website would be according to your expectations. It might not always be possible to hire a local web development firm. If you live in SF, you can try to engage the local San Francisco web development firms for your website design. This will provide you the opportunity to interact directly with the developers / designers. When you hire a web development company in San Francisco or anywhere else for that matter, you should look for some important things. Below we discuss the most essential things to look for in a web design or development firm.


The quality of the work a company does is the most important aspect to be considered. Web development companies often display their portfolio of completed projects or give references on their website or on request. Checking out the portfolio will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from the firm. The look and design in the sites should be easy on the eyes and the navigation simple to understand. A good quality website is essential to build trust and a high opinion about your business among the customers.

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Experienced companies bring with them the understanding of the process. These companies will have a smooth process that has been tested which will make your job easier. When you choose an experienced company, you will also be able to check the portfolio of jobs the firm has done. When you understand the experience of the company, you can also try to understand if the team working on your project will also be experienced.


The firm you are looking at should have the ability to deliver the kind of result you require. The list of components you need in your website along with the technology you would like to use should be decided by you. The development company should have professionals experienced in delivering projects similar to your expectations. If you are not knowledgeable on HTML or other web technologies, you can ask the developers to design the site in a CMS environment so that editing and managing content will be easy for you. The website should be optimized for the search engines so that it can attract maximum possible traffic. You should choose a firm that has good experience in delivering projects through agile and lean development methodologies.

Support service

It is important that the support system in the development firm is good. The personnel with whom you interact should be able to understand your requirements and should be able to explain the situation to you in terms you understand. For a person who is not knowledgeable on development intricacies, the tech talk might sound confusing.


Price is always an important consideration. Since there are many San Francisco web development companies, you can get quotes from the top companies you shortlisted based on the other factors.

Author Brandon Phillips for Pacatum Inc. company that provides web development services in San Francisco.

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