5 Simple Tips to Build a Unique WordPress Website

Serving itself as one of the best content management systems, WordPress has been the sole reason behind the incredible count of successful websites/e-stores available over the internet. Every business is incomplete without a perfectly designed website. Considering the significance of owning a visually appealing and fully-functional website, a wide majority of entrepreneurs have started investing their time and money into website development. Whatever be the market that your product/service is supplying, WordPress has the caliber of helping you build a website that’s different and well in synchronization with your business requirements. In this blog, I’ll be offering you 5 handy tweaking options which allow you to build a 100% unique WordPress website within a small duration of time. So, let’s start rightaway.

Free VS Premium WordPress Theme-Which one should you choose?

Well, as compared to the free WordPress themes, the ones available at a price serve handy for generating a unique WordPress website. The sole reason for this being the amazing customization support that’s rendered by the premium WordPress theme vendors. Although free themes are popular, there’s no point choosing one because there are thousands who’d have built their WP portals using the same theme/template. Plus, tweaking a free WordPress theme involves a lot of tedious coding.

And now, 5 amazing tips for building a unique WP web portal:

  1. Play with the basic theme design

To prevent your website from looking like somebody else’s, it is recommended to modify the theme in a way that will make visitors feel as if they’ve landed on an entirely new website. You can choose to play with the theme in the following ways:

  • Rotating the sidebars
  • Modifying the background color
  • Most of the WordPress themes come with two navigation bars. I recommend you to remove the one that’s available on the home page, followed by making the header bolder and bigger.
  1. Opt for a co-ordinated color scheme

Color scheme is perhaps the best means of differentiating a website from the one that’s equipped with the same theme. As an approach to build 100% unique WP site, ensure to hunt for a coordinated color scheme that compliments the message conveyed by the blog/site. Here, you can even opt for changing the color of the text placed within the posts. Modifying the border edges and background of ads/Twitter feeds are other tweaks that can be performed for developing an offbeat WordPress blog/site. Never go beyond the set limits of customization as this would simply distract the visitors from exploring the original subject of the website.


  1. Pay attention to selection of the header image

Home page header image plays a crucial role in deciding the uniqueness of a WordPress website. You need to use your creativity and imagination for finding an image that’s capable of grabbing the attention of customers and is also successful in making a statement about your blog/site.

  1. Add branding elements to the site

Branding is all about quality, trust, loyalty, identity and perception. Embossing the company name, logo, product/service name etc. onto your WordPress site/blog is a time-tested technique of making it unique. Using the company logo in the header or as a watermark in the background can fulfill the dual purpose of adding individuality to your site and catering to a wide array of branding requirements.

  1. Adding visual excellence

WordPress is equipped with a wide array of plugins/extensions that can be used for adding visual brilliance to a dull, boring WordPress site/blog. There’s an option for creating galleries of photos, linking the blog posts to Twitter feeds, embedding videos into posts and using thumbnail images as website navigation tools. With addition of stunning visual feature, your site can definitely engage a greater count of customers/target audience.


With the aforementioned strategies in mind, you can easily carry out moderations for your WordPress website. In addition to utilizing the built-in styling modules, you can perform these simple tweaks for creating a site that’s completely unique and exactly similar to what you wanted it to be.

Author Sarah Parker is a WordPress developer by profession, working for Designs2HTML Ltd.. Give your website an appealing look with converting PSD to wordpress theme and maximize the profits by adding new features in the website.

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