Increase Your Website’s Functional Speed For Better Performance

Slow websites are like old cars. The first opportunity that you get and you will send your old car. The same goes for slow and bulky websites. Thirty years ago, you could drive an older car, even from the fifties, and the difference in performances would not be that huge as it is today between today’s cars and those made thirty or forty years ago. This is especially the case with the economical class of cars meant for middle-class.

Nowadays, rivalry between websites is so strong that if a visitor must wait only for a second longer than he or she expects, they will leave your site and you probably never come back again. If that problem persists, you will have a huge problem and experience a substantial financial loss. To avoid that, you have to make your website fast, smooth and modern.

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Active cache returns more cash

For website owners or maintainers, this is one of the most important steps for keeping your website functional and user-friendly. When a visitor comes to a website for the first time, his or her computer has to download up to thirty different components, such as JavaScript files, different stylesheets and the HTTM document to its temporary memory, so that the device develops a smooth interaction with that particular site. In order to improve the general functionality of your website, you should activate the browser cache memory so that every repeated visit to your website is easier and less time-consuming for those recurring visitors.

It goes without saying that any feature that speeds up the performances of your website can have a great impact in the overall income that the site brings to you. That is why caching and cash are closely related.

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User-friendly design

Today people from all over the world are advancing and they are getting higher and higher incomes. While twenty years ago the epicenter of the IT revolution was in the West, nowadays many other markets are growing extremely fast, especially the Asian tigers. If we connect that fact and the rapid development of the gadget and tablet market, it is clear that more and more people will be accessing websites from all sorts of devices. To increase the performance quality and functionality of your website, you have to ensure classy web design to keep the visitors. Some people go for a two-front strategy and create a special version of the same website for desktop computers and a different one for mobiles. Thanks to the emergence and development of the tablet market, there is a third front, as well. It all increases the costs and wastes time of site owners and people who maintain it. In order to avoid such inconveniences, going for responsive design that quickly and easily adapts to all sorts of gadgets and devices might be the best option to keep the functionality of your website on a high level.

Making the operable speed of your site higher will make your visitors come again and get into all the content novelties that you have prepared on your site. With a faster and more responsive site, the whole story of having your own website will be developing in a more positive way and your business and the website will definitely be more successful.

Dan Radak is Hosting security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies. Lately, he has been interested in web design. You can reach him on Twitter.

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  1. EVODD says:

    A website’s functional speed is instrumental to its success. As people become more dependent on the web, they expect immediate speed. User-friendly design is not only easier for the user to navigate; it helps them to navigate the site faster. I agree that making the overall website faster will make users want to return over and over again!