How To Promote Your Blog Posts And Get More Shares?

Setting up a blog is pretty simple in comparison to what comes next. Constant struggle for shares, likes and tweets can tire out even the most dedicated bloggers. Luckily for you, we have put together a collection of useful tricks that will help you get more traffic to your blog. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Bring your ‘A’ game

First of all, you need to have something that will draw attention to your blog. A great way to start is to carefully think your content through. Write some tweetable quotes to increase the chances of reaching out to the larger audience. After you have written the main body of your post, you need to focus on the title. It is the thing that makes your readers want to continue reading, so try to encourage them with vivid imagery, accurate statistics or simply eye-catching, strong words, that won’t go unnoticed. To get the best results try Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule and share your experience with us. Additionally, make weekly wrap-ups in case your followers have somehow missed your online activity.

Sign of design

Second thing to have in mind is the actual design of the page. Make it user-friendly and inviting. Simple WordPress templates have the power to transform a plain-looking site into an interactive design gem. Add big and bold images and make sure they are Pinterest-friendly.

Widget Codex

Now let’s talk about the actual sharing. You can make your content easy to share by placing Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media icons on the screen, preferably right underneath your text. A lot of social sharing is carried out via smartphones and tablets, so double-check if your content and additional features display properly on all types of mobile devices.

Use the tools

It’s time for some magic. You can efficiently handle your updates with the use of widely available online tools like or Buffer. These handy little tools instantly upload your content to all your social channels.

Dose in moderation

Sharing your content more than once can cause mixed reactions. On the one hand, it can trigger more clicks and generate more traffic, but on the other, your followers may get frustrated that you are constantly spamming their Facebook wall. If you want to reshare some of your older posts, try Socialoomph, which guarantees that your previous posts are shared systematically and won’t spam anyone’s feeds.

No limits

Don’t limit yourself only to the most popular pages. Promote your posts on forums, write guest posts for other blogs, actively use Tumblr, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Bizsugar, Reddit, Viralcontentbuzz, Squidoo, Digg and Quora.

Reach out

If your attempts still prove to be a dead end, try asking your visitors and friends for feedback. You can set up an anonymous questionnaire and ask people what they actually want to read on your blog. Needless to say, this tactical move has a great chance of becoming an annual tradition and could ultimately create a sense of community.

Monitoring committee

We shouldn’t forget about monitoring your results. Try Google Analytics or KissMetrics  to get to know your audience. You can also find out the best time to post or discover topics which have generated the highest web traffic.

This concludes our list of handy website improvements. For the best results, try to incorporate them all and let us know how all pans out.

Author Monique Craig is an Australian blogger and marketing specialist who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace which connects customers with local service providers.

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