How Google’s Hummingbird Update Has Brought a Change In the Way We Search?

On September 26, Google announced a new and a major algorithm update called Hummingbird to the world on the occasion of his 15th. anniversary. This update would affect over 90 percent of the searches conducted worldwide . No doubt, it was the most distinctive algorithm ever implemented. Marketing experts began to tremble. Especially when, Matt Cutts the head of Google spam team, said that despite the announcement in late September, Hummingbird had entered began its journey a month before.

Google Hummingbird

The great innovation of ‘Hummingbird’ on Google is that it allows the search engine to optimize the indexing of content based on the query provided the user, giving users the best results under keywords that recognizes the algorithm and semantic meanings used in the search box, its more advance in technology and artificial intelligence. Indeed, content with a semantic structure will be even better positioned than before. Hummingbird makes creating quality content a vital part to execute the SEO strategy.

google hummingbird update

Some time ago we observed that this is the trend that will prevail in the future. For example, Apple Siri (the wizard search for iPhone 5, iPad 3 and later) allows a realistic conversation between the user and the device itself. Ideal for blind people with ‘yes’ and ‘no’s’ can obtain information that, without this technology, it seemed unattainable. Conventionally if we have to search something we were typing using our keyboard to get what we wanted. But now Google has also introduced “voice search” which helps us get information we need just by saying “ok Google” to your browser. (currently only chrome).  Hence progress in the algorithm are centered on a priority basis in the new habits of using technology. The widespread use of mobile phones is one of them which mostly uses Search by voice option.

Google’s warning is clear as always, SEO people around the world, you must always focus on quality content which is a crucial part of the success of your website or business which is dependent on Google.

As usual working on keywords remains a key part to observe good results. However, if you really looking for a good strategy in SEO, then optimizing the content and its relevance is most important. Also, publishing relevant and quality content. So the mantra is simple, Work on providing the best quality content and user experience and Google recognizes the importance and reputation of a page and thus rewards you.

Latest and Future Trends

The future of new technologies even speaks virtual glasses, which will be a part of our lives in the coming days.  According to the article in Wikipedia Google Glass , Google wants to create an “augmented reality glasses” in order to change how consumers interact with the information stored in their cell phones and the Internet. These highly technological lenses use a small screen with a special frame, which gives them the appearance of glasses or read. This display is connected to a camera, a microphone, a speaker and more. Using a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device can communicate with other devices such as a smart cell phone or Internet applications. So the future is going to be an interesting one, so get ready to feast yourself.


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