Google’s New HTTPs/SSL Ranking Factor

In the Internet world, if proper precautions are not taken, it can become a platform for losing valuable information in a snap. Our banking and personal data which, if not properly protected, may end up in the hands of anyone and with it, our lives can be ruined. But it is not only about money and banking data, but our personal data at any level. To maintain a higher level of security, SSL (secure socket layer) is required on websites that store or transmit crucial data.

Google has tweaked its algorithm to give a top priority for websites that use HTTPS/SSL certificates.

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Google cares about online safety

In recent weeks we have seen how the the Google (the Californian Gaint) has taken several important decisions at the level of  global Internet security. Despite being a private company, it is taking the responsibility of “public safety” on the WWW. Last April, HeartBleed, one of the biggest vulnerabilities in Internet history, it was a security breach that came to be exploited since 2013. In this regard, Google has already taken steps for”active security” via Project Zero and, moreover, developing its own SSL technology.

So Google has announced that they are now using SSL/HTTPs as a ranking signal in their algorithm. So websites that are using are secured with SSL certificates will see a slight boost in rankings in the coming days. They also mentioned that this carries less weight-age signal for ranking and as usual, quality content and other major factors are still in place that impacts a website’s ranking.

You can decide what kind of certificate you wish to use for your website, whether it is single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate, it all depends on your purpose.

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