Advertising Made Easy for Small Businesses by Google AdWords

Small business owners often face the issue of inadequate promotions and lack of advertising, owing to shortage of funds. It is very challenging to remain at the top of the list, without any promotion. Google has brought to you a solution for the same. Google has launched ‘Google AdWords’, which is an online pay-per-click advertising tool . It gives small businesses a chance to market and advertise their products, irrespective of their budget.

google adwords

Advantages of AdWords

Google AdWords provides a number of benefits to advertisers. You get to choose the space wherein you wish to place your ads. You also get to set the upper limit of your cost-per-click price. It also gives you the option to track the success rates of your ad campaigns. In addition to that, small business owners are in luck, because they have to pay only when someone clicks on their ad, and not if the ads appear on the web page.

Your ads are placed critically, so that they are in tandem with the search engine results page. The results generated shall also be complementary to your company websites, to ensure a certain amount of clicks on the ad.

Apart from the usual benefits, Google also ensure that you get to choose the devices on which you want your ad to appear. Certain ads appear only on iPhones and not on other smartphones. This gets you the niche audience which you are aiming to lure. Additionally, you also get to select the time at which your ad must appear. These perks are denied elsewhere.

The ads appear on the right hand side of the Google Page. The rank of your ad depends upon how accurately your keywords match the search keywords entered by a user.

google adwords

Getting started on Google AdWords

Creating a Google account is simple and easy. Go to the Google Adwords page, click on “Start Now”. Start with giving personal details such as your email ID, password, time zone and currency. An automated confirmation mail shall be sent to your ID, open it and click on the link given, to confirm and validate your email ID.

Registration is to be followed by the ad that you wish to make. A few things can be considered to make an attractive and lucrative ad. Once you click on the confirmation link, you will be directed to the page wherein you can create your ad. You can choose between a text ad and a display ad. Display ads comprise of infographics, that is graphics accompanied by text.

If you are making a display ad, you must choose a template to suit your need. You can also choose a text ad and choose a suitable template. For a text ad, you must use a headline. This headline shall appear in Bold in the ad. It should be very catchy, something similar to a punch line of an ad. It should be spot on and grab the attention of the customer, instantaneously. Write quality text in the text ad template and publish your ad at the click of a mouse and bingo! You are in business.

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