8 SEO Trends for Better Ranking in 2021


SEO is continuing to adapt to the changes, that results in the formation of new trends. If we speak about 2019, we’ve relished the past 6 months of this and with left with next 6. Many of the marketers like you have fully implemented the SEO strategies and trends for their business. But as it is still not yet to end, SEO trends also not about to finish here. There is still a great time for you to flourish your business presence all over the world with the latest SEO trends. Not all SEO companies will tell you the recent updates, changes in algorithms and SEO trending market scenario. You can either believe on top SEO companies or on your research that you do on your own. Because most of the companies you will find will be money-minded, as they will make you fake promises sometimes. So, instead of believing or hiring some SEO agency, it’s better for you to rely on yourself.

For you to make you aware of the latest SEO trends, we’ve come up with blog post. So, you can implement the latest trends in your business strategy and enjoy the benefits.

Let’s Get Explore The Trends Together

  • User Intent Optimization:

Gone are the days when Google and other popular search engines focus on something beyond typical ranking factors. While assessing websites and arrange them according to the ranking, just targeted keywords, meta titles, and meta tags are not the only factors considered by them. In the present fast-growing digital marketing world, SEO is all about focussing on keywords that users type in the search engine.

The idea behind is to offer the web searchers with the results which are most appropriate to their queries. Because when somebody types his query with a particular phrase, Google analyses his intent and brings him the most accurate results that help him make the right decision. Offering a rather easier and effective way to perform a search intent, voice search is the best solution for grabbing the attention of the users.

  • Mobile-First-Indexing:

Statistica reports by top SEO companies reveal that 55% of online traffic was generated through mobile phones. This is the one and only reason Google began its mobile-first indexing algorithm. Mobile first indexing means that Google ranks a website based on the user experience for mobile devices being used for search.

Let suppose you have a site with mobile and desktop versions, the chances might you will get more organic traffic and better leads. Whereas if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you are missing out on a huge amount of traffic. One of the important first steps you can take is to use “Google’s mobile test site” to analyze if your webpage is mobile-friendly or not.

  • Voice Search:

In the busiest world, people are more intended to use the voice search feature rather than using text keyword search. It has turned out to be one of the best emerging SEO trends that being a marketer you never miss out. If you want to explore your business to the largest audience possible, your main focus should move towards enabling your site to use voice search keywords.

Google assistant, Amazon’s dot and many more other applications are available there are examples of this amazing voice search trend. These applications use artificial intelligence and IoT to interact with the user and perform their tasks hassle-free. Your site should have more long-tailed keywords that are primarily used for voice search. Your content should be short, unique, understandable and to the point and should not have very long paragraphs as it might confuse AI.

  • Featured Snippets:

Another important SEO trend, featured snippets are taking over the #1 spot in Google rankings for lots of keywords. This trend gives you plenty of opportunities to answer a web searcher’s query and to appear on the top position always. All you need to do is to add down the featured snippets to your SEO capabilities.

According to a recent survey on ranking, it is to be concluded that most of the featured snippets come from content that ranks in the top 10 results, or on the first page. If not get the desired results yet, rest 2019 is a big year for you which will get you most of your clicks and pageviews you dreamed off. After implementing featured snippets, you will notice a significant spike in your organic traffic and thus got better conversions & leads.

  • Enhanced Social Media Indexing:

Do you know the content marketing industry is set to become a $500 billion industry by the end of 2019? Is it just a rumor or truth? Thinking about it. Right? This is absolutely true. Content marketing will have a great impact on SEO as these two awesome techniques go hand-in-hand. The SEO trends this year will focus more on creating appealing content that satisfies the intent of a search.

So, when writing content focus on the customer, it will be done not just to rank high on the search engines, but to provide value. And the best place to make your content valuable is social media. Social channels will keep on evolving their depth to integrate with Search. So reaching to the audience via posting relevant and engaging content on social media can take your business to the next level.

  • RankBrain:

One of the latest SEO trends for this year is the emphasis on RankBrain. Basically, bankBrain is part of Google’s core algorithm that uses machine-learning to give users better search results based on their search queries. This amazing trend helps the algorithm interpret complex, complicated-to-understand, long-tail search queries and the intent behind them. It thoroughly analyses the patterns between apparently unconnected complex searches to recognize how they’re exactly similar to each other.

Apart from that, it also understands the forthcoming complex searches that whether they’re related to a particular topic or not? Best of all, we can say that it’s a smart SEO trend. The more data it collects, the smarter it gets about user search intent. So, work on this mind-blowing trend and know what others think about your topics and business to rank high on Google.

  • Structured Data:

It is one of the other best SEO trends that you can rely on. Structured data has been around us for many years but we fail to understand its importance. With emerging technology, we understand that it is the core foundation for all machines that helps Google understand your content better. More than just a trend, it is an important signal if you want your site to be visible within search features.

It was limited to a few years ago but now in this digital era, you can find it useful for about anything. So, don’t underestimate and ignore the power of structured data. The use of structured data is not only to achieve rich results from the Google search engine, but it offers a quality traffic measure, where it can improve organic traffic or generate more leads.

  • Amazon Search:

First thing you need to know about Amazon is that it is not a universal search engine. Its algorithms are similar to Google’s algorithms but used for internal search within Amazon pages. What’s the mess about then? Well, more and more users visit Amazon to do shopping. According to a recent study, 44% of consumers visit Amazon just for the sake to shop something and rest 56% just check with Amazon after finding something elsewhere.

These figures clearly explain that Amazon has turned out to be Google of e-commerce nowadays. It simply means that if you want to sell something and you’re not having a valid Amazon account, you are missing out on all those potential customers who visit Amazon to make a purchase. No matter what you are selling whether its books, music, or electronics, don’t leave behind the Amazon optimization into your SEO strategy.


Hope, now you understand the important trends that you need to rank high on Google. Apart from the above-mentioned SEO trends, you will find several more if you consult top SEO companies. These trends will definitely help you rank high not only on Google search engine but also other search engines. If you find any issue or need to ask something then comment in the comment box below. We’ll get to you will be the best possible solution.

About Author:
Author Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle Limited which is known for most affordable search engine optimization packages in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role in the company is to manage a team of SEO Specialists. In her spare time, she loves to read books and writing.

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